Travel Chaos – Why Didn’t I Get Insurance!

If you’re a regular visitor to our blog section, I thank you. If you’re not, the reason you’ve likely picked up on this post is because you’ve been affected by the downfall of one of the UK’s oldest and largest airlines – Monarch.

When the news hit the headlines my first thought was how can this have possibly happened? My second thought was “thank God I’m not travelling with them”. This may sound selfish and I suppose it is, so after feeling more than a tad guilty my thoughts turned to the people who have been directly affected by this travel nightmare.

As we all know, the media are very good at seeking out the worst-case scenarios and they didn’t disappoint! My heart went out to the couple who had arranged for the bride, groom, family and friends all totalling something like 30 people to fly to the continent for their wedding. What awaited them at the airport could not have been foretold no matter what you think can go wrong just before getting married.

You got it – they couldn’t fly because all the flights had been cancelled and there didn’t appear to be a contingency plan in place to help them. I can’t imagine how they must have felt and are still feeling now. This is where I would like to “ram” home, yet again, the importance of travel insurance. Sure, insurance companies can’t stop airlines like Monarch “taking a dive” never to return. After all, they’re not miracle workers but they can ease the blow.

Getting Married Abroad

If you plan on getting married abroad I’m hoping one of the first jobs on your list is to get some insurance for the trip. In other words, travel insurance that’s tailored to weddings. Many people will think about the obvious mishaps that can occur such as:

  • The rings are lost by the best man after a “2-day bender”.
  • The photographer contracts some mystery stomach bug and can’t make it.
  • For the ladies out there, your dress is ruined when someone spills a glass of red wine on it during the flight.

However, would any of us think about the fact a whole airline could go bust? I doubt it. So, what can you do?

Check Your Travel Insurance Policy

Practically all travel insurance companies include policies that will protect everything I’ve mentioned above and more BUT make sure you check EXACTLY what’s covered when it comes to the flights, especially if the airline goes out of business.

Some companies state they will cover the following:

  • Scheduled airline failure
  • Airline failure
  • Or even simply – “cancellation”

It occurred to me that in a perfect world you would be able to take these phrases at face value but, we don’t live in a perfect world. So (and I count myself among the people who might make this mistake), instead of thinking “it says cancellation” and an airline like Monarch going out of business counts as cancellation, DOUBLE CHECK!


I feel for all the people who have been affected by the travel chaos that emerged in the news yesterday, especially those who did take out insurance only to find they’re not covered. A lesson is certainly there to be learned by all of us no matter if you’re getting married or just taking a well-earned holiday.

All of this said, I’m sure we can expect to see some changes in the type of travel policies we see on the market so watch this space!


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