Tesco Car Insurance Review

If someone had said to me 20 years ago that a supermarket would be offering car insurance, I would have laughed in their faces! However, I would now have egg on my face because you can get Tesco car insurance. Large supermarket chains such as Tesco have really branched out over the years and because these companies are so large they can really compete with the big boys. This article will tell you all you need to know about Tesco car insurance and why it’s not such a bad idea to use them.

First of all, if you like price comparison websites you will find that if you are searching for a car insurance policy Tesco will pop up all over the place. They certainly appear to come top on most of these sites, however, my advice is to go to their official website and check out exactly what you can get with a car insurance policy first. There are some stipulations that Tesco have in place with their car insurance policies and these are:

  • You must be over 18 (sorry first time drivers) and you must also have a full driving licence that is registered in the UK.
  • You need to be a permanent resident in the UK and have a fixed address.
  • If you have a classic car, Tesco car insurance is not for you. They will only insure cars that are no more than 16 years old. For all of you “monster truck” lovers out there, beware, Tesco will not insure any car that is over 18 feet in length.

Some of these stipulations may seem a little harsh however I like their honesty. There is nothing worse than going through all of the hassle of getting a quote only to find that you can’t actually take out a car insurance policy with your chosen company. Upon researching the Tesco car insurance they have to offer, I found that there is quite a lot to choose from, in fact, if you want to, you can pretty much make up your own policy. For the purpose of this article I am going to stick to the basics, just so you know what you can expect to get without all the frills.

Value Tesco Car Insurance

  • If you wish to purchase this type of car insurance policy with Tesco then you will only be able to online.
  • Excess on accidental damage with this policy is limited to £475.
  • You will be covered for your car and other cars should you be involved in an accident.
  • Personal accident cover is available with this type of Tesco car insurance policy.
  • You will be covered for fire and theft.
  • A 24 hour helpline is available to you and this is based in the UK.
  • When it comes to excess you can choose a level that suits you.
  • Discounts are available on repairs and servicing but only if you use Halfords Service Centres.
  • If you wish to take a trip around Europe and want to take your car, with this type of Tesco car insurance you will be covered for up to 90 days; why not take that trip through the Alps that you have been promising yourself? You will be safe in the knowledge that your car insurance policy will cover you.
  • For all of you parents out there that have children that require a child seat, don’t worry, Tesco will replace if for you should it be damaged. I happen to think this is a great option as not many other car insurance companies offer this sort of cover.
  • Legal Protection is also available with this type of Tesco car insurance policy.
  • For cars only, if you need to have repairs done then Tesco will provide you with a small courtesy car (note the word “small” here).
  • When you use one of Tesco’s preferred repairers they will guarantee the work that has been done for 3 years.

Standard Tesco Car Insurance Policy

This type of policy actually brings more benefits with it than the value insurance policy. With this type of car insurance policy you will receive all of the benefits listed above and…..

  • Cover for your personal possessions should they be damaged or stolen.
  • Should your windscreen decide to shatter into a million pieces or even if it has a chip and needs replacing Tesco will cover you for this.
  • Oh, and I almost forgot, if you wish to purchase this type of Tesco car insurance policy then you can do so online or over the telephone.

These are the 2 car insurance policies I was immediately faced with when I went to Tesco’s official website, after some more digging around I found out the following:

Tesco Car Insurance and Breakdown Cover

Tesco have brought in the RAC when it comes to their breakdown cover. If you don’t know who the RAC are then I doubt that you even know what a car is! This company has the largest network of breakdown recovery vehicles in the UK and fixes 4 out of 5 vehicles at the roadside. This of course will not be the case if your front end has been bashed in, in which case, you will need to be towed. Some of the benefits you will receive when you add this option to your Tesco car insurance policy are as follows:

  • If you are in a vulnerable situation, for instance a woman travelling alone and you breakdown you will be given priority response.
  • Tesco will aim to make sure that an RAC mechanic will be with you within 40 minutes, no matter whether you are in a built up area or in the countryside.
  • You will not have to pay any labour costs or the cost of any parts and one of the best things about this cover is that you will not have to pay for a new battery if that turns out to be the problem. This is one of the most common causes for a breakdown and not many car insurance companies offer this as free service if you have breakdown cover with them.
  • Once you have reached more than a ¼ of a mile from your home then you will be able to call for roadside assistance.
  • If you have any other Tesco car insurance policy except their value cover you can get assistance within a ¼ of a mile from your home.
  • For the “finest” and “Euro Plus” breakdown cover policies, if your car cannot be repaired at the roadside then they will ensure that you and up to 8 passengers are either taken home or to another address.
  • Something called onward travel is also available with the finest and Euro Plus policies. This means that you will be able to hire a car at no cost, or Tesco will pay for any travel expenses. They will also pay for any hotel accommodation if that is what you need.
  • European cover is only available with the Euro Plus policy and this means that should you breakdown whilst you are on your way to Europe or are actually in Europe, Tesco will make sure that you have roadside assistance. If that doesn’t work then they will take your car to the nearest garage for repair. If you need it, hotel accommodation will be provided for you or Tesco will provide you with some other form of transport.
  • Legal expenses are also covered with the Euro Plus breakdown policy, however, do be aware that there are certain rules that apply with this (and I’m not going to go into all of them here) so, make sure that you ask about this information when you are talking to Tesco about this part of your car insurance policy.

Considering that Tesco is in all intense and purposes a supermarket, I think that their car insurance policies are great. They have really done their research and are competing well with other major companies that specialise in car insurance. The one thing that might be catching your eye as you read this is your Tesco club card. I bet you thought that I had forgotten about that one; well I haven’t.

If you are a Tesco club card member, you can put this little piece of plastic to work for you when you decide to take out a Tesco car insurance policy. If you apply online, all you need to do is enter your card number and you will be given an additional discount. Also, when it comes to paying for your car insurance you can use your Tesco club card vouchers in order to do this. I think this is a very clever idea; not only do Tesco get your car insurance business they are also managing to keep you shopping at their supermarket. After all, every little helps doesn’t it?

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