Sheila’s Wheels Car Insurance Review

Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance has been in business for 7 years now. Doesn’t sound very long does it? Well, don’t let that put you off using them for your car insurance, especially if you are a woman. This company targets us ladies and it will surprise you to know that it was actually founded by a man by the name of Peter Wood. At last, a man that has come up with something that actually helps us girls out! For you guys out there, don’t feel left out, you can also benefit from using Sheilas’ Wheels for your car insurance, they have policies for you too.

One of the reasons that Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance has become such a household name within the UK so quickly is because they were savvy enough to come up with an advertising campaign that some may call “irritating” and others would term as “brilliant”. I happen to favour the latter; the point of advertising on TV is to make sure that people remember your brand and Sheilas’ Wheels certainly did that. I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t remember the 3 blond bombshells that strut their stuff in an open top pink car singing “for bonzer car insurance, get on to Sheilas’ Wheels”.

Anyway, enough of the history of Sheila’s Wheels car insurance and on to the important stuff; just how good are their car insurance policies? Well, I’m going to tell you. Most of this article will focus on us ladies (since that was the prime reason this company was founded). However, for you men out there reading this, don’t switch off just yet, you may find that Sheila’s Wheels will be useful to you as well.

Here are some of benefits you can expect to get with a Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance policy:

  • First of all, you can get 3 types of car insurance policy with Sheilas’ Wheels; fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party only. This is something that not many other car insurance companies do anymore but since it’s us ladies that they are dealing with here (incidentally, we are safer drivers than you guys; the stats prove it), this is why you can get all 3 types of car insurance policy with them.
  • Legal Liability – I was astounded when I saw just how much Sheilas’ Wheels will cover you when it comes to legal liability. They will cover you for up to £20 million to protect the injury or death of another person; this will also come into effect if there is damage to their property as well! Not only that, it doesn’t matter which policy you have with them, this figure remains the same.
  • If you happen to be unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident that means that your precious “Sheila” has to be written off then Sheilas’ Wheels will replace your car with a new one. However, this will only happen if your car is under 1 year old and is registered in your name or your partner or spouses name. Still, it’s not a bad option and again, there are not many other car insurance policies out there that can offer this. By the way, this will only come into effect if you have a fully comprehensive car insurance policy with them.
  • In Car Entertainment – Now if you are a woman that’s anything like me then your DVD player is a much loved part of your car. The first thing I do when I get into my car is find my favourite tracks and turn up the volume; there is nothing like taking to the road with my favourite music blaring out of the speakers (sorry to all of you that hate Rage Against The Machine). If you happen to have your DVD player stolen or damaged Sheila’s Wheels will replace if for you, however, this is limited to £1,000. It’s not just your DVD player that’s covered for this amount; just about anything electronic you can think of is protected. Games consoles, phones, radar detection and satellite navigation systems are also covered up to the amount stated above. Oh, and this is comes with both the fully comprehensive and third party fire and theft policies.
  • Handbag Cover – Mmmmmm…….I just LOVE this section of Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance policies. For any guys reading this, you may think that it is not something that is really that important. However, for us gals, this is one of the best ideas that a car insurance company has ever come up with. We don’t just keep our make up or perfume in our handbags; we also keep important items in them such as our wallets, credit cards and pictures of our loved ones. If your handbag happens to be stolen or damaged Sheilas’ Wheels will give you up to £300 to replace the all important items in your handbag (excluding pictures of loved ones of course).
  • Counselling Service – Again, this is something that I have not come across with any other car insurance company. If you are involved in an accident, with a Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance policy, they will provide you with counselling over the telephone. Anyone who has been in a car accident knows what scars it can leave behind and without professional help some people even stop driving altogether. I think this is a great option and will definitely be taking them up on the offer.
  • Breakdown Cover – Ok, so I accept that whether you are a man or a woman travelling alone then you’re at risk of some form of crime when you breakdown on the road however, us ladies are easier targets simply because we are the fairer race. With a Sheila’s Wheels car insurance policy you will receive preferential treatment when or if you breakdown on the roadside. Sheilas’ Wheels have approved breakdown assistance companies that pledge to just about drop everything when it comes to receiving a call from a woman that has broken down and is travelling alone. Sheilas’ Wheels say that they will ensure that someone is with you within 40 minutes. By the way girls, if you do get into this situation, stay inside the car with the doors locked. DO NOT open the door to anyone other than the official breakdown assistance guy. I’m not trying to teach you to suck eggs here; I’m just offering a bit of friendly safety advice.
  • No Claims Discount – A Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance policy will get you up to 75% no claims discount and if you want to (for an additional premium) you can take out extra cover that will protect your no claims discount for life.
  • For the Men in your Life – You can add your partner or spouse to your car insurance policy with Sheilas’ Wheels, the only stipulation is that they live at the same address as you and, they will receive all the benefits that you have with your policy….perhaps the man in your life might consider buying a handbag?
  • If you need to make a claim, Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance have a 24 hour 7 days per week hotline that you can call, so it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, you will be able to start your claim as soon as you have gotten yourself into trouble (with the car of course)! Plus, Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance proudly advertises that they have UK call centres only. Also, what’s worth mentioning here is that your claim will be approved over the telephone; no more waiting for that pesky form to come through the letter box!

So, there are some of the benefits on offer with a Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance policy. Some of them are directed at ladies specifically (otherwise what would be the point of the company name) however, there are options for men as well. For us ladies however, you don’t just get a car insurance policy with Sheilas’ Wheels you get some handy tips on how to keep your car safe and keep criminals at bay. Plus, I have to admit that us girls are not the best when it comes to the technical stuff with our vehicles, if someone says “oil change” to me I tend to drop off right away. With Sheilas’ Wheels you will get great tips on how to fix the more simple problems that can occur with your car. After all, it’s in their interest for you to be able to top up the oil in your car or fill the water tank for the windscreen wipers.

As I write the last paragraph of this article I have the Sheilas’ Wheels ad jingle in my head and, do you know what? I don’t mind. I think this company is a really fabulous option for car insurance and it makes me, as a woman feel much appreciated when it comes to being rewarded for being a far safer option for car insurance.

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