John Lewis Car Insurance Review

John Lewis Car Insurance

Some of your reading this who are of a “certain” age may well be surprised to learn that John Lewis offer car insurance policies these days. After all, this company has always been considered as one of the more up market department stores in the UK, (visits reserved for most of us at Christmas or when shopping for a special birthday present)!

They have long been synonymous with all types of products that include clothing, home-ware and electricals to name but a few. But John Lewis car insurance who would have thought it! Now, some of you may be thinking that companies should stick to what they know best. However, John Lewis has an awful lot of “clout” when it comes to expertise so they can afford to employ the best in their field! That’s why I think they’re definitely worthy of a look if you’re want to start a new car insurance policy or need to renew and would prefer a different company.

Types of Car Insurance Policies Available

First of all, it’s important to remember that not all companies will offer you “pure” third party only cover anymore however, John Lewis are different. With them, you can opt to have this one, Third Party Fire and Theft or Fully Comprehensive.

Of course, it goes without saying that in this day and age you should, where possible always opt for a fully comprehensive policy. These days, taking to the road can be a little, shall we say, “Dicey”. For the most part, many of us won’t experience a major accident, but little problems can occur and that’s where a fully comprehensive car insurance policy comes in VERY handy!

So let’s start with those of you who are looking at the more basic car insurance available:

Third Party Only

Below is what you get for this bargain policy:

  • Liabilities to Third Parties – Confused what this means? Let me explain. Basically, if you’re unfortunate enough to be liable for the injury or, (let’s hope not) the death of a person, you’ll be covered. This also extends to any damage caused. Do remember though, because you’re paying for third party only there will be restrictions so make sure you get the amount you can claim in writing before your policy starts.


  • Using Your Car Overseas – Legal liability to others you may have a problem with on the road will be covered under this level of car insurance with John Lewis. However, don’t think you can meander your way down to the Sahara desert to take in the scenery! You will only be covered for up to 90 days in European countries (or Non-European as pre-agreed).


  • No Claims Discount and Protection – Ah Ha! The wonderful no claims discount! John Lewis are not about punishing you because you can only afford to pay for a bargain car insurance policy, so they will give you no claims discount and protection with this one.


Third Party Fire and Theft

It goes without saying that whatever you get with Third Party Only car insurance policies John Lewis has to offer, you will also get with other levels. So, if you’ve skipped straight to this section it might be worth having a look above or you could miss some of the benefits!

So, what else do you get with this level? Let’s see.

  • Fire and Theft – It would be pretty silly not to include this since that’s what this car policy is based on! As with any car insurance company, there are some things not covered. So, if you think you might get a new CD player when there wasn’t one there before, think again!


The Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

As we all know, any company that insures cars will advise it’s best to take out a fully comprehensive policy, and with good reason! There are so many benefits included in the policy available from John Lewis; it’s easier to give you a quick bullet list instead!

  • All of the above (of course).
  • Car Damage
  • Broken windows or your windscreen
  • Medical and personal accident expenses
  • Personal belongings
  • Personal accident costs
  • Replacement locks

The Little Extras

It doesn’t stop there with a John Lewis car insurance policy! If you prove you can be a careful driver, they will reward you with a no claims discount of up to 75%, and in some cases you’ll even get to protect it. Courtesy cars are provided should you need one, and if you need to be somewhere fast after an accident, the company will kindly pay your taxi fare!

Other optional extras include breakdown cover for your car which includes both roadside and home rescue assistance, and excess protection.

The Best until Last!

There was no point in starting this article with the offer John Lewis currently has. After all, the purpose here is to give you some information on what you can expect from a practical point of view. However, I couldn’t finish without mentioning the fact you could win a 5 door Golf Match 1.4 and get this! You also get a choice of metallic paint! Before you get too excited, this is a competition and you’ll be entered into the prize draw if you decide to take a policy before 31st October 2014. Oh, and if you are lucky enough to win you won’t have to worry about insuring the car because John Lewis will give you it free for the first year!


John Lewis may not be the obvious choice for a lot of people looking for a car insurance policy, but as with everything-else this company does – they’re doing it well! In my humble opinion, I think this company is well worth a look before you decide which car insurance policy will work best for you.

You can also get a number of additional discounts for things like applying online or adding a new customer to your existing policy. Plus, their customer service division gets some pretty great feedback too!



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