John Lewis Home Insurance Review

John Lewis Home Insurance

One of the biggest purchases anyone is likely to make in their lives is a home. It may surprise you but there are people out there that feel home insurance is a big scam and after all, “it will never happen to me”. How wrong they are!

The fact is Murphy’s Law has a way of teaching you a lesson, and if you don’t insure your home the chances are you’ll suffer the worst storms you’ve seen in years. Plus, to top it all yours is the only house in the street that ends up with an ancient oak tree through the roof!

OK, so lectures on why you should get home insurance aside, which company do you choose? This can be a bit of a minefield because there are so many insurance companies on the market, and it’s a highly competitive industry so it’s easy to have your head turned by cheap, cheap prices.

As you’ve probably gathered from the title to this article, I intend to tell you all about John Lewis Home insurance. At this point you might be thinking they’ll be out of your price range because, after all, they’re John Lewis darling! Not so. This company takes pride in the products and services it offers which is why they have become such a household name over the years.

They also recognise that price as well as service is important, especially in the home insurance industry but what about products?

Buildings Insurance

If you’re new to the whole home insurance situation, you might not be aware that policies like this come two fold. One part covers your buildings and the other covers your contents (more on that further down). For this section, I’m covering buildings insurance (just in case you didn’t read the sub-heading)!

John Lewis home insurance policies cover all of your outbuildings, sheds, garage, fences, gates, walls, drives and of course, the overall structure of your home. Do remember however, to be part of the buildings insurance, fixtures have to be permanent.

One of the most popular questions these days is “will I be covered for floods”? The answer in this case is yes, but do make sure you question an agent thoroughly so you understand exactly what’s involved. You will also be covered for fire damage and subsidence.

I’ve chosen the Premier level of home insurance with John Lewis just to give you an idea of some of the benefits they offer.

  • Home Emergency Cover 24 Hours a Day – Imagine this. You’re sat at home one evening enjoying an episode of Coronation Street when suddenly, there is a huge crash and water starts gushing down the stairs! Panic may well ensue as you try to remember how to switch the water off! However, if you have home insurance with John Lewis, they will give you an emergency number to call. On top of that, they’ll find the right tradesman for you AND pay up £1,500 towards the cost!
  • Alternative Accommodation – This all depends on what exactly has happened in your home, so make sure you ask about this section of the insurance policy. Basically, if you can’t live in your home due to say, a flood, John Lewis will pay for you to stay elsewhere until the damage has been repaired.
  • Unlimited Buildings Cover – Wow! I thought when I saw this little snippet of information. John Lewis have made it possible for you to stop worrying about finding out how much it will cost to rebuild your home should the worst happen. There are stipulations, especially when it comes to the contents but I’ve yet to see this offered by an alternative insurance firm!

Contents Insurance

I know this section will interest people simply because we relate to our personal items much better than the four walls around us. Don’t ask me why, it’s just one of those things I guess! Again, I’m going to choose the Premier home insurance policy because, well, it gives you the most benefits (even if it might be their top option).

The contents insurance from John Lewis is there to protect the items you have inside your home (sorry to state the obvious)! This means if you suffer loss or damage due to fire, water, storms or even theft you’ll be covered. This could be smashed glass, audio equipment, furniture and much more. What I will say is you should triple check what is actually covered before you sign on the dotted line especially if you have high value items.

Very briefly, below are some of the benefits with this level of home insurance from John Lewis:

  • Accidental Damage – Or as John Lewis term it “full accidental damage”. This means if, for instance, a glass of red wine is spilled onto your brand new cream carpet you can make a claim.
  • Personal Possession Cover – Now this might not be something everyone needs with a home insurance policy, but we are talking premier cover here! If you take items away with you (and this can be anywhere in the world), John Lewis will cover them for up to £25,000. So, if your precious camera goes missing or you can’t find your mobile phone, they will be replaced.
  • Cover for Bicycles – All pedal type bicycles are covered including any accessories regardless of whether they’re at your home or in Europe. Although you will only be covered for up to 60 days while in Europe.
  • The Student Option – Ah, parents, I feel your pain! And that’s why I think this is a great idea. If you have children at college or university, contents they take with them from the home will be insured, so there’s no need to worry about the proverbial glass of “cordial” spilt over a computer keyboard!


I have covered the top end of the John Lewis home insurance buildings and contents insurance policy however, for those of you who have a budget to worry about, you can choose to take out their Essential or Plus cover instead which also have some great benefits!

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