Aviva Car Insurance Review

The first thing to mention about Aviva car insurance is their website. I have personally used it and it is easy, quick and simple. If you are looking for car insurance then Aviva is probably one of the best companies to go with. None of us wants to spend an inordinate amount of time researching the right company when it comes to car insurance; we’re all very busy people these days, trying to earn an honest living. With Aviva and their car insurance quotes; all you have to do is go through 6 quick and easy steps to obtain a quotation that will suit you. I managed to get a quote in less than 5 minutes!

If you do not have access to the internet for one reason or another, it’s easy enough to find the number for Aviva car insurance in your business directory and you will find that their employees’ are friendly and very knowledgeable about the car insurance policies they have to offer. If you are a “newbie” when it comes to car insurance, the staff at Aviva will guide you through each step of obtaining the right car insurance to suit you.

What Types of Car Insurance Policies can you expect to get with Aviva?

What you should be aware of here (and this is my opinion and not Aviva’s) is that you should, where possible get a fully comprehensive car insurance policy. This means that you will be covered for just about any unfortunate eventuality that may occur when you are out driving or if you car is parked and gets damaged.

There are 2 types of car insurance policy you can get with Aviva and they are:

Third Party Fire and Theft or TPFT – With this type of car insurance policy you will receive the following:

  • Of course your car will be covered for any loss or damage which comes about as a result of fire, theft or damage. Please do bear in mind that should you need to replace your car as a result of something like this happening, you will only receive the market value of your car.
  • The audio equipment in your car will also be covered with this type of car insurance policy however; you will be limited to £100 in value.
  • Aviva also offer a vehicle recovery or transport service with this policy. This means that should you be involved in an accident on the road; you will have a representative come out to you. If your car cannot be repaired there and then, your car will be taken to one of Aviva’s approved repairers (you don’t have to use an approved repairer however, this may result in delays). If your car does have to be taken to a garage, Aviva will ensure that you are either taken home or taken to the destination you were originally trying to reach. Once your car has been repaired, they will deliver it back to your home address.
  • Under this type of car insurance policy, you and any of your passengers will be covered for emergency medical treatment should you need it.

Fully Comprehensive – With this type of policy you will receive the following:

  • Everything mentioned above, plus….
  • If your car is a right off Aviva’s fully comprehensive car insurance policies will ensure that you are reimbursed with a new car….don’t get too excited here, they will replace your vehicle with the exact same make, model and year that you had previously.
  • If you happen to experience your windscreen or your windows being smashed as a result of vandalism, theft or due to an accident Aviva will replace them for you.
  • Medical expenses – this is slightly different to the TPFT policy in that it is not limited to you requiring emergency treatment. Sometimes injuries that are sustained during an accident do not surface until later, should this happen to you then Aviva will cover any medical expenses associated with your injuries.
  • You are covered for personal belongings that are lost or stolen from your car with this type of car insurance policy; there are limits though; so make sure you check these out first to make sure that it will suit your needs.
  • If you lose are have your keys stolen, Aviva will replace them and also the locks on your car. For those of you that have fancy anti-locking systems or keyless entries on your car do not worry Aviva cover this as well.
  • No claims discount (thinking about it, this should have come top of the list, anyway, I got there in the end). This is available not just for you but also for any named driver that you have on your car insurance policy.
  • For all of the parents out there, Aviva have not forgotten about you, if you have little ones you will need a child seat. If this happens to be damaged during an accident, is stolen or damaged by fire Aviva will give you up to £100 for a new one.
  • Tools are also covered with this type of car insurance policy, however, it is limited to non-powered tools and if you have tools in your car that are used for business this policy will not cover them. If you need that type of cover then take a look at their insurance policies for businesses.
  • Of course as with a lot of companies these days, Aviva will ensure that you do not lose out if you are hit by an uninsured driver. As long as you can provide them with the make of car, registration number and the details of the driver that hit you; they will ensure that your no claims discount is not affected and that any excess that you have to pay is refunded back to you.

Some Other Little Extras to look out for

You will find that car insurance policies with Aviva will start from as little as £200; this may sound very cheap but believe me they do! If you have a policy that only costs you this amount don’t expect to be treated any differently than those customers that spend more with them. Aviva pride themselves on their customer service and in my experience, they deliver.

If you are looking for a multi-car insurance policy Aviva are currently offering up to a 20% saving, so if you are currently in the market for this type of policy, get yourself on the website today! There are all sorts of incentives to help you decide that Aviva is the company for you when it comes to your car insurance. You can expect to get great deals when it comes to renewing your car insurance policy. They have a great little system connected to their website which means that you can manage your account online and you can even print off your own cover note directly from the website.

If you buy your car insurance through Aviva’s website they will give you £5 off straight away. Oh, and here is the best bit….they are currently offering 15 weeks free with any new car insurance policy that is taken out with them. This could mean a saving of well into hundreds of pounds for you.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a car insurance company that will treat you like a person rather than just a number then Aviva is the company to go with. I cannot stress enough how good their customer service department is. When contacting them for the first time, you will not receive the “hard sell” and the sales people that work for them know exactly what they are talking about, so you will not find anyone saying to you “one second, I’ll just check with my manager”!

Aviva have been around for some time now and they are committed to ensuring that you, personally, receive the right level of service and most importantly of all that you take out the right car insurance policy for you. For me, I would not use anyone else, I poodle about quite happily in my car safe in the knowledge that I am properly insured and, with a company that knows the car insurance business inside and out.

It’s worth keeping an eye on Aviva and the part of their website that deals with car insurance; they are constantly watching their competition and always have great offers available. The mere fact that they have recently launched the 15 weeks free deal is proof of this as there is other major car insurance companies that have started to offer a number of weeks free. Aviva car insurance, however, have beaten the total number of weeks that you can get when signing up for a new car insurance policy.

Aviva are not just a company that deals in car insurance policies that are about the “numbers” game, they care about their customers and making sure that they renew year on year.

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Sheila’s Wheels Car Insurance Review

Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance has been in business for 7 years now. Doesn’t sound very long does it? Well, don’t let that put you off using them for your car insurance, especially if you are a woman. This company targets us ladies and it will surprise you to know that it was actually founded by a man by the name of Peter Wood. At last, a man that has come up with something that actually helps us girls out! For you guys out there, don’t feel left out, you can also benefit from using Sheilas’ Wheels for your car insurance, they have policies for you too.

One of the reasons that Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance has become such a household name within the UK so quickly is because they were savvy enough to come up with an advertising campaign that some may call “irritating” and others would term as “brilliant”. I happen to favour the latter; the point of advertising on TV is to make sure that people remember your brand and Sheilas’ Wheels certainly did that. I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t remember the 3 blond bombshells that strut their stuff in an open top pink car singing “for bonzer car insurance, get on to Sheilas’ Wheels”.

Anyway, enough of the history of Sheila’s Wheels car insurance and on to the important stuff; just how good are their car insurance policies? Well, I’m going to tell you. Most of this article will focus on us ladies (since that was the prime reason this company was founded). However, for you men out there reading this, don’t switch off just yet, you may find that Sheila’s Wheels will be useful to you as well.

Here are some of benefits you can expect to get with a Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance policy:

  • First of all, you can get 3 types of car insurance policy with Sheilas’ Wheels; fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party only. This is something that not many other car insurance companies do anymore but since it’s us ladies that they are dealing with here (incidentally, we are safer drivers than you guys; the stats prove it), this is why you can get all 3 types of car insurance policy with them.
  • Legal Liability – I was astounded when I saw just how much Sheilas’ Wheels will cover you when it comes to legal liability. They will cover you for up to £20 million to protect the injury or death of another person; this will also come into effect if there is damage to their property as well! Not only that, it doesn’t matter which policy you have with them, this figure remains the same.
  • If you happen to be unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident that means that your precious “Sheila” has to be written off then Sheilas’ Wheels will replace your car with a new one. However, this will only happen if your car is under 1 year old and is registered in your name or your partner or spouses name. Still, it’s not a bad option and again, there are not many other car insurance policies out there that can offer this. By the way, this will only come into effect if you have a fully comprehensive car insurance policy with them.
  • In Car Entertainment – Now if you are a woman that’s anything like me then your DVD player is a much loved part of your car. The first thing I do when I get into my car is find my favourite tracks and turn up the volume; there is nothing like taking to the road with my favourite music blaring out of the speakers (sorry to all of you that hate Rage Against The Machine). If you happen to have your DVD player stolen or damaged Sheila’s Wheels will replace if for you, however, this is limited to £1,000. It’s not just your DVD player that’s covered for this amount; just about anything electronic you can think of is protected. Games consoles, phones, radar detection and satellite navigation systems are also covered up to the amount stated above. Oh, and this is comes with both the fully comprehensive and third party fire and theft policies.
  • Handbag Cover – Mmmmmm…….I just LOVE this section of Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance policies. For any guys reading this, you may think that it is not something that is really that important. However, for us gals, this is one of the best ideas that a car insurance company has ever come up with. We don’t just keep our make up or perfume in our handbags; we also keep important items in them such as our wallets, credit cards and pictures of our loved ones. If your handbag happens to be stolen or damaged Sheilas’ Wheels will give you up to £300 to replace the all important items in your handbag (excluding pictures of loved ones of course).
  • Counselling Service – Again, this is something that I have not come across with any other car insurance company. If you are involved in an accident, with a Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance policy, they will provide you with counselling over the telephone. Anyone who has been in a car accident knows what scars it can leave behind and without professional help some people even stop driving altogether. I think this is a great option and will definitely be taking them up on the offer.
  • Breakdown Cover – Ok, so I accept that whether you are a man or a woman travelling alone then you’re at risk of some form of crime when you breakdown on the road however, us ladies are easier targets simply because we are the fairer race. With a Sheila’s Wheels car insurance policy you will receive preferential treatment when or if you breakdown on the roadside. Sheilas’ Wheels have approved breakdown assistance companies that pledge to just about drop everything when it comes to receiving a call from a woman that has broken down and is travelling alone. Sheilas’ Wheels say that they will ensure that someone is with you within 40 minutes. By the way girls, if you do get into this situation, stay inside the car with the doors locked. DO NOT open the door to anyone other than the official breakdown assistance guy. I’m not trying to teach you to suck eggs here; I’m just offering a bit of friendly safety advice.
  • No Claims Discount – A Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance policy will get you up to 75% no claims discount and if you want to (for an additional premium) you can take out extra cover that will protect your no claims discount for life.
  • For the Men in your Life – You can add your partner or spouse to your car insurance policy with Sheilas’ Wheels, the only stipulation is that they live at the same address as you and, they will receive all the benefits that you have with your policy….perhaps the man in your life might consider buying a handbag?
  • If you need to make a claim, Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance have a 24 hour 7 days per week hotline that you can call, so it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, you will be able to start your claim as soon as you have gotten yourself into trouble (with the car of course)! Plus, Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance proudly advertises that they have UK call centres only. Also, what’s worth mentioning here is that your claim will be approved over the telephone; no more waiting for that pesky form to come through the letter box!

So, there are some of the benefits on offer with a Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance policy. Some of them are directed at ladies specifically (otherwise what would be the point of the company name) however, there are options for men as well. For us ladies however, you don’t just get a car insurance policy with Sheilas’ Wheels you get some handy tips on how to keep your car safe and keep criminals at bay. Plus, I have to admit that us girls are not the best when it comes to the technical stuff with our vehicles, if someone says “oil change” to me I tend to drop off right away. With Sheilas’ Wheels you will get great tips on how to fix the more simple problems that can occur with your car. After all, it’s in their interest for you to be able to top up the oil in your car or fill the water tank for the windscreen wipers.

As I write the last paragraph of this article I have the Sheilas’ Wheels ad jingle in my head and, do you know what? I don’t mind. I think this company is a really fabulous option for car insurance and it makes me, as a woman feel much appreciated when it comes to being rewarded for being a far safer option for car insurance.

Churchill Car Insurance Review

Do you like Bulldogs? If so then you will love the advertisements that you see on television for Churchill car insurance. This loveable little character has become a household name across the UK and I take my hat off to the firm that came up with this advertisement campaign. I’ll bet that Churchill car insurance policies are being taken out in their droves due to this successful ad. If you go on to their website, you will find that it is easy to use and it’s quick and simple to get a quote for a car insurance policy.

Some of the Benefits that Churchill Car Insurance Offers

  • Protection from uninsured drivers – this is an inherent problem in the UK right now, many people think they can get away without car insurance. If you happen to be in an accident that involves someone that is not insured, Churchill’s car insurance policies will protect you from this and your no claims discount will not be affected.
  • If you decide to have named drivers on your car insurance policy they will be able to have their own no claims discount. This is something that is relatively new to the car insurance market and Churchill has been quick to catch on to this.
  • If you have a fully comprehensive car insurance policy with Churchill you will benefit from their 24 hour a day accident/recovery hotline. This means that no matter what time of day it is you will be able to speak to a real person on the telephone in order to get help.
  • If you find that you need to have repairs done to your car as a result of an accident or vandalism Churchill will cover the costs under your car insurance policy. Do bear in mind however, that this is only available if you take out a fully comprehensive car insurance policy.
  • Should you be involved in an accident that means your car needs completely replacing then Churchill will cover the cost for this if your car is under 12 months old and you can prove that you are registered keeper.
  • With Churchill, if you have a fully comprehensive car insurance policy, they offer personal accident cover for you and your partner, wife or husband.
  • If you happen to be in an accident and you incur medical expenses you will not need to worry about how you are going to cover the cost, Churchill will do it all for you. This is a great option and proves that Churchill have recognised that being in an accident can be traumatic for anyone and the last thing you need to be worrying about is how you are going to pay your medical bills.
  • Everyone carries personal belongings with them when they are in their car, especially us ladies, Churchill offer cover for personal belongings within your vehicle with their car insurance policy, however, there are limits so if you decide to carry around that gold bullion you have just “acquired” it is unlikely that you will get the value of this back if it’s lost or stolen!

Optional Extras that you can get with Churchill Car Insurance

The optional extras detailed below will cost you extra nonetheless, they are worth considering:

  • For an additional £2.21 per month you can benefit from legal assistance with Churchill. They will provide you with up £100,000 worth of legal expenses. Some of the things that you will find are covered with this optional extra are:
  • If you happen to be injured or in the worst case scenario are killed in a road accident Churchill will pay compensation to you or your spouse for this.
  • If you do not decide to take out a fully comprehensive car insurance policy with Churchill you can still benefit from cover with repair costs for just a little bit extra each month. I happen to think that this is a great idea, not everyone wants or needs a fully comprehensive car insurance policy and the fact that you can choose to have this sort of cover as an optional extra is fabulous. The other thing you can choose if you don’t have a fully comprehensive car insurance policy is protection for your clothing, personal belongings or luggage.
  • Costs for hire cars and also loss of earnings are another of the optional extras that Churchill can offer you.

All this said you can pretty much make up your own car insurance policy with Churchill; they know that car insurance is big business and is also a very competitive market. Plus, they also know that everyone is different and we all want different things from our car insurance policy.

Churchill Car Insurance for Ladies

This type of car insurance policy has (as the above subtitle suggests) been designed specifically for ladies. You may be asking yourself why, well, the fact is that we ladies are a far safer bet when it comes to being on the road. We tend to be far more careful when we are driving compared to our male counterparts. As a lady, if you take out a car insurance policy with Churchill you will get all of the benefits listed in this article plus…get this…..you can save over £400! This is possibly one of the largest savings available from any of the major car insurance companies. Bear in mind that you can also add you partner or husband to your car insurance policy which means that you will both save money.

Multi-Car Insurance with Churchill

Churchill offer multi-car insurance policies, this is not uncommon in the car insurance market however, the discounts that you can get with Churchill if you want to take out a multi-car insurance policy are less common. They will offer you 15% discount in the first year of your policy and 5% every year thereafter. Do remember that should you be with Churchill for a number of years you may well be able to better this should it be time for you to renew your policy and have found a better deal elsewhere. However, for now, don’t be greedy, these discounts are some of the best to be had right now.

Some Great Advice from Churchill on how to stop Fraudulent Claims

I was on Churchill’s website recently and I found a snippet of information that I have found really useful. We all know “ambulance chasers” as they are lovingly referred to and they help people who are genuinely hurt in an accident to claim compensation for the injuries they suffer. Unfortunately, this has also brought along a number of undesirables that have decided that they can make money by deliberately causing accidents. I happen to think I am a good person and it had never occurred to me that this might happen to me.

Churchill are working with various official bodies in order to stop this from happening, here is some of the advice that they offer in order for you to ensure that you do not become a victim of this type of “crime”. I use the term crime loosely; there is a very fine line here on this type of con!

  • This is an obvious one but if you are involved in an accident make sure that you stay calm and exchange details with the other driver.
  • Try to remember how the accident came about and if there was anything that seemed out of place or odd to you. Things like passengers looking at you before you were actually hit is quite an obvious thing to look for, this tells you that the accident may well have been pre-meditated.
  • This is something I have never thought about doing if I was involved in a car accident – make sure that you take as many notes as possible about the driver and passengers; what they are wearing, are they male or female, how old are they and anything else that you can think of.
  • Make sure that you ask the other driver to do the same as you.

Remember, car insurance is there to protect you and I think the fact that Churchill has posted this information on their website is great. It’s always better to have too much information rather than not enough. It’s hard to imagine but it is a cruel world and there are people that have no scruples, so if you are involved in a car accident, don’t let your good nature get in the way.

I hope this article has not only explained what Churchill car insurance can do for you but also that you have found some of the safety information here useful as well. It’s great that a car insurance company such as Churchill have taken the initiative, they are not only offering great car insurance policies, they are thinking outside of the box by letting their customers know some of the pitfalls when it comes to accidents. “Oh Yes” Choose Churchill!

Home Insurance Review

Home insurance is possibly one of the most important insurance policies you will take out. As they say “a man’s home is his castle”. If you are not insured when it comes to your home, this can potentially be a complete disaster for you and in some extreme cases can even bankrupt you! You don’t need to end up in a situation like this, just make sure that you get a decent home insurance policy that will protect you, your family, your belongings and your house from anything that might go wrong.

How to Start Looking for a Home Insurance Policy

One way in which you can start looking for a home insurance policy is when you either take out a mortgage or buy a property outright; take the advice of the mortgage lender or the estate agent you have made your purchase with. These companies often have systems in place that mean that they receive a commission for inviting you to take a home insurance policy with certain companies. Of course, with mortgage lenders, it is in their interest to make sure that you have the correct home insurance policy in place, remember, they have a vested interest in your home too.

The other way you can set about looking for a home insurance policy is to turn to the internet, there are many price comparison websites you can use to get the best price possible for your home insurance policy, you will also find that on some of these websites you can enter any special requirements you might have when it comes to insuring your home. Do however, make sure that you don’t stop there with your research, there are a lot of companies that do not use price comparison websites and you might be able to better the price you have already found.

Some of the Best Companies that Offer Home Insurance

Direct Line – This Company will not be found on price comparison websites and they are proud of that fact. They have a wide range of home insurance policies that will suit just about everyone. As standard, Direct Line offers the following with their home insurance policies:

  • Contents cover up to £50,000.
  • Personal possessions insurance up to £50,000.

Direct line offer 2 types of home insurance plans, home insurance and home insurance plus. Between them Direct Line offers the following:

  • Buildings cover.
  • Alternative accommodation.
  • Accidental Damage.
  • Family Legal Protection.
  • Home Emergency cover.
  • Cycle Cover.
  • Online and identity fraud (this is really useful to have these days, we all use the internet for shopping or online banking to a certain degree and theft of your identity is big business).

All in all, the home insurance you will get with this company will cover just about anything you need.

More Than – This company has some really comprehensive home insurance policies available and at great rates. They promise to beat any quote that you may have when it is time for you to renew your home insurance policy, however, do not compromise on service. One of the first things you are faced with when looking at their website is the fact that they will offer you a saving of around £130 on your contents insurance. There are many benefits that come with More Than and their home insurance policies, here are some of them:

  • They pay for replacement keys and locks on your home if they are lost or stolen.
  • Garden cover (I think this a great idea), this is available as standard and will cover your plants and trees to the value of £2,000. You will also benefit from cover on your garden furniture, kids toys and your barbeque.
  • Have you ever tried calling up an insurance company either to make a claim or find our more about the service they offer? If the answer is yes then, like me, you are more than likely fed up with not getting the same person twice. More Than will allocate a dedicated manager to your account, another great idea. At last, a company that recognises the fact us, the public and their customers need some continuity when dealing with them.

You should also know that his company has been awarded the best online contents and home insurance award for the last 2 years on the trot. Another plus when you are looking for a home insurance company you can trust.

You may not know but many banks have now started to offer home insurance in the UK, so whoever you bank with, it might be worth asking the question.

Above are just a couple of examples that I thought you should know about when it comes to home insurance, in my opinion the 2 that I have mentioned are the best on the market at the moment.

What Do I Do if I have a Specialist Item in my Home that needs to be insured?

That’s an easy one, tonnes of home insurance companies recognise that you may have belongings that are very dear to you but are not the run of the mill objects. Maybe you have a Grand Piano that has been passed down through the generations or you might have a grandfather clock that dates back to the 1700’s. All you have to do is make sure that the home insurance policy that you take out will cover these items. In some cases (depending on the value of the item in question) you may be asked to take out a separate policy for this item on it’s own as it will be treated differently to anything else you have covered on your standard home insurance policy.

What do I do if I live in a Flood Alert Area?

This is a question that sits on many peoples lips these days. In recent years the UK has suffered some of the worst flooding in decades. Initially, home insurance companies reacted with panic as they suddenly had hundreds more people claiming for water damage in their homes. Things, thankfully, have now settled down a little bit and the powers that be within home insurance companies have had time to re-evaluate how they treat this sort of problem. In the beginning it was very difficult to get home insurance (if you could even get insured at all) however, there are now policies available that will protect your home and it’s belongings from water damage. Make sure that whoever you decide to take your home insurance policy out with does in fact cover water damage or flooding.

A Couple of Pitfalls to Look Out For

One potential pitfall you can come across when taking out a new home insurance policy are clauses that are included in the contract that may not be clear to you. For instance, there have been many times when people have put in a claim because that 100 year old oak tree came crashing through the roof of their house due to an unexpected storm. When making the claim, they are told that “sorry, we cannot pay out as this was an act of God”. Not very fair is it, how are you supposed to know what is considered to be a “hand of God” and what isn’t. After all, that’s what Maradona refers to his hand as and I bet he hasn’t had any trouble getting insurance!

Make sure that you check with your chosen home insurance company what they consider to be this type of incident and what they will not cover. It’s just as important to know what the insurance company will NOT pay for as it is to know what they will pay for.

In Conclusion

Finding home insurance does not have to be a major headache, as mentioned there a loads of home insurance companies to choose from but as I have already said, price comparison websites can help take some of the hassle out of finding the right company. Also, try talking to your friends or even ask at work which company the business you work for has their insurance with. The chances are that whoever they use will offer home insurance as well.

Above all, make sure you have ALL of the cover you need when it comes to home insurance, it’s relatively cheap to obtain a decent policy these days. Home insurance is a very competitive market place and that can only be good for us consumers. In my opinion, take more cover than you are ever likely to need, that way you are covered for just about any eventuality.

If you have read this far and still think that home insurance is bottom of the list when ensuring that you are protected from any accidents that may occur in the home, think again. Even something as small as a leaking pipe can cause and inordinate amount of damage in the home and the last thing you need is to have to pay for your own repairs.

Car Insurance In The UK Review

This article has been written in order to help those of you that are currently looking for car insurance in the UK or already have car insurance in the UK. Unbeknown to a lot of us, you may think that you are insured and are happily driving around safe in the knowledge that should you, God forbid, be in an accident that you will not have to worry about your insurance company paying out. There are actually a few points that I have decided to clarify within this article so that you are aware of what can happen if you do not ensure that your car insurance actually covers what you need.

Understand the Insurance Bands for Car Insurance in the UK

These can be pretty confusing, so in this section, I intend to explain them to you. There are 20 different bands for car insurance in the UK. No: 1 is considered to be those insured are at the lowest risk for any insurance company taking the driver on. No: 20 is considered to be the highest risk for insurance companies. Depending on which band you fall into will depend on how much your insurance will cost you.

Such factors as the size of the engine on your vehicle, what the top speed is and….this will surprise some of you, even the weight and how much the parts cost on your car will also be factors that are taken into consideration when deciding on which band your car will fall into. For further information on which type of band your car will fall into, you need only enter the phrase “which UK car insurance band will my vehicle fall into in the UK” into your chosen search engine. There are plenty of websites that have been set up in order for you to find this out. It is important that you do know which band your vehicle falls into prior to hunting down any type of car insurance in the UK; this will eliminate any nasty surprises when you start to collect quotes from insurance companies.

Types of Car Insurance in the UK that are Available

There are 3 types of car insurance in the UK and these are listed below:

Third Party – This is one of the oldest types of policy that you can choose and these days, not many people decide on this as it really doesn’t cover a lot of insurance needs for modern drivers today. It is very basic and will not cover you for most of the problems that can occur on the roads today.

Third Party Fire and Theft – This type of policy does what the title suggests, you will get the most basic of form of insurance cover, and your vehicle will also be covered for theft and fire.

Fully Comprehensive – This sort of policy is one of the most popular available in the UK market today and although it costs more, you will find that you are covered for pretty much any type of accident that may occur, whether it be a small scratch or an accident that means that your vehicle is a write off.

How to Decide on the Right Insurance Company for You

When looking for car insurance in the UK, it can be a real mine field; insurance is big business these days for all forms of life, cars are no exception. One of the biggest problems the UK has at the moment is the amount of people that have arrived into the country from around the world and do not get their vehicles insured because they do not understand how the system works. Many insurance companies have taken this on board and now offer policies that will protect you from these sorts of drivers. One way you can find the right car insurance company for you, is to go to a price comparison website on the internet. These sorts of companies are relatively new to the UK market; however, they have taken the insurance arena by storm. Whilst people are hugely conscious of ensuring that their vehicles are properly covered, they also want to save money as well.

These types of websites will allow you to enter all of the details of your car and will then give you results of the best insurance companies that can help. Do bear in mind however, that this is in no way a way of making sure that the company you are presented with is reputable and knows what they are doing. There are many car insurance companies that have decided to move away from the whole price comparison website arena and advertise this fact with pride. My advice when you are looking for car insurance in the UK is to do your home work. Make sure that you know which band your vehicle falls into by using the advice given at the beginning of this article. Take some time to really research the right insurance company; this may take you some time however, could save you a lot of money in the future.

Young Drivers and Car Insurance in the UK

This has become an inherent problem for car insurance companies in the UK, especially when it comes to young male drivers. This band of car owners are constantly bombarded with adverts on how they can make their cars go faster, add spoilers, bore out the engines, the list goes on. As a result, car insurance in the UK has become pretty pricey for those of you that are in your late teens or mid to late 20’s. The advice here is that you should do your best to ensure that you do not do anything to your car that is likely to cause the price of your policy to go up. It is easy to have you head turned by those fancy spoilers or engines that growl as they go speeding past however, this does meant that you will be considered a greater risk when taking out car insurance in the UK.

A Little Bit of History about Car Insurance in the UK

Car insurance in the UK was first introduced in the early 1930’s. This came about when the Government realised that the use of cars was becoming increasingly more popular and saw a way of making extra money in order to keeps roads looking their best and to also ensure that they were safe to use. As previously mentioned, this is when the third party insurance policy was introduced. Later in the mid 1980’s The Road Traffic Act was born and this when car insurance in the UK became more complicated and the policies that were available became more comprehensive.

In Conclusion

Do remember that car insurance in the UK is a LEGAL requirement and should you be stopped by the police and they find that you have no insurance you WILL be prosecuted to the letter of the law. Do also remember that car insurance in the UK is there for a reason, to keep you safe! Of course, car insurance will not stop accidents from happening, however, it you do happen to be in an accident that means you need hospital treatment; the last thing you need to be worrying about is how you are going to pay to have your car repaired or replaced.

Once you have found out which band your car falls into, done your research on the best car insurance company for you and actually signed up to a policy you will be given something called a “cover note”. This is one of the most important pieces of paper relating to car insurance in the UK and should be kept to hand within your vehicle at all times. It’s also worth having a copy of it in your home, just in case your car goes missing. When or if you are stopped by police in the UK, you will be asked for your cover note as a matter of normal police practice; the cover note is just as important as your driving licence.

Above all, I hope this article has been of use to you and that you are now feeling a better about how to obtain car insurance in the UK. The aim is for you to enjoy your driving experience when using the roads in the UK and to ensure that you have the right insurance policy for you. It doesn’t have to be hard work and it doesn’t have to cost you and inordinate amount of money…there are plenty of reputable companies out there that have great policies at reasonable prices. Just make sure that you dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s before you sign anything. The last thing you need is to find out at a later date that the car insurance policy you have taken out does not cover everything you need when driving in the UK.

All that’s left to be said is happy and safe driving!

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