Aviva Travel Insurance Review

The first thing I’m going to say about Aviva travel insurance is that you’re not likely to find it on a comparison website. Well, you might but the chances are you won’t get the best deal they have to offer. After all, travel insurance (for a lot of people) is an added expense you more than likely find a bit of a pain!

However, as is the way in the world if you don’t take out some insurance when you go on holiday, you’ll probably end up having an accident and the one thing you don’t need is a huge bill! This could mean you’re travellers cheques are spent before you manage to find the perfect souvenirs’ for everyone!

So, what makes Aviva travel insurance worth considering when you’re planning a trip away? Read on to find out.

Single Trips

If you want to take out single trip travel insurance, you can get it from Aviva. After all, I wouldn’t bother mentioning it otherwise! Generally, you’ll be covered for 120 days either abroad or in the UK but you will have to make sure you’ve booked at least 2 nights (in a row) at a hotel or some other form of accommodation.

Annual Travel Insurance

If you’re someone who travels often (lucky you)! The best thing to do is take out annual travel insurance as it does work out a lot cheaper. The difference with an insurance policy like this is you’re only covered for a maximum of 31 days each trip. But, this can be extended up to 90 days if you need it (although that will cost you slightly more).

If you intend to have annual travel insurance, you will also be covered for any holidays you take, but as with the policy above you will have to make sure you’ve booked at least 2 night’s accommodation.

The standard benefits you can expect from both of the above are as follows:

  • If you need urgent medical attention (and let’s hope you don’t), Aviva will cover you for up to £10 million.
  • Lost or stolen passports are covered for up to £750.
  • No-one wants to suffer a robbery when they’re away so it’s worth thinking about being “street smart” with your cash. However, if you are unlucky enough to lose money you’ll be covered for up to £500 overall. Bear in mind though, this will only be £300 for bank notes or change (not that you should have £300 in change – that would just be silly)!
  • Legal expenses, should you need them will be covered up to £50,000.
  • Should the worst happen and you need to cancel or abandon your trip, Aviva will kindly cover you for up to £5,000 and this for each person who is travelling. Oh, and if you’ve already paid for Fido or Tiddles to go into luxury accommodation and need to cancel those fees will be covered as well.

Exclusions to Think About

I find that many people looking for a travel insurance policy (me included) often forget about the “little” things that won’t be covered, and I think you’ll find that Aviva are not being unfair with their exclusions.

For a start, if you intend to visit a country that’s shall we say, a tad volatile, don’ expect to be insured if you run into trouble. When I say this I mean that if you end up being in the middle of war zone, Aviva won’t be able to help! The only piece of advice I can give you here is to make sure you research any country you intend to visit that could suffer a military coup or something-else equally as dangerous to foreigners who are there at the time.

The same can be said for areas that are likely to cause illnesses (or indeed death) as a result of being exposed to nuclear related problems such as radiation, leaks and explosions. Again, the trick here is to make sure your holiday destination isn’t likely to be involved in anything like this.

If you’ve just read the above, and are turned off because the company you work for expects you to visit countries that are considered dangerous, then naughty them for not offering insurance to protect you from this!

Other exclusions include taking potentially dangerous trips on say, a quad bike; you intend to go on a skiing holiday or take a nice relaxing golfing holiday. HOWEVER! If you do go on either of the last two mentioned, it is possible to take travel insurance out as an added extra.

After all, Aviva don’t think its fair you can’t spend your time away sliding down a mountainside on two planks of wood, or swinging a potentially dangerous weapon at a small white ball in the middle of a golf course!


The one thing I would urge you to remember is that Aviva has been trading for a long time, and have an excellent reputation within their field. The prices you pay are competitive and the customer service (worldwide) receives some great reviews.

To justify the comment above bear in mind that you will be offered a 24 hour helpline no matter where you are in the world. With this one number you can sort out medical emergencies, trace lost or (let’s hope it never happens) stolen luggage or travel documents.

In some cases (where it’s needed) Aviva travel insurance will even pay your medical bills direct, so you can get on with what matters most – getting better! In respect of medical conditions if you do suffer from an illness, do yourself a favour and be honest about it before you take a travel insurance policy with them. If you’re not, it might mean you won’t get the care you need when you’re away.

All in all, Aviva is a trusted name within the travel insurance industry, and if you do decide to take out a policy with them, think about going direct. Why? Because they’ll give you up to 20% discount for not using comparison websites!


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