AA Car Insurance Review

AA is possibly one of the oldest car insurance companies in the UK. I don’t know of anyone who does not know about the AA. They are masters in their field when it comes to car insurance. They currently have millions of people that are members of the AA and many of those people have been with the company for a number of years now. If you are in the market for car insurance, you should most definitely check out the AA. Their customer service is outstanding and the systems they have in place to make sure that you get the best from your car insurance policy are some of the best you will find in the UK.

Reasons to back up why you should use AA Car Insurance

  • Defaqto awarded the AA a 5 star rating when it comes to the car insurance policies that they offer. This is one of the highest awards you can receive as a car insurance company. This award alone proves that the service AA offer is amongst the best in the UK.
  • When you take out a car insurance policy with the AA, they have a rewards system for their members. If you like statistics, get this one….the AA’s reward system saved their members over £4.5 million in the year of 2010!
  • If you are a new customer to the AA and are thinking about taking a car insurance policy out with them then you will be offered 1 year free on their breakdown cover; this alone can save you a fair few hundreds of pounds.
  • You can be safe in the knowledge that the AA know what they’re doing when it comes to car insurance; here’s another statistic for you….they have had over 5 million new car insurance policies taken out with them in the past 5 years!
  • If you are already a member of the AA then you probably know this already but for those of you that don’t did you know that you can get up to £500 to cover your personal belongings in you car. This is double what is offered with their standard car insurance policies.

AA and their Drive Safe System

I happen to think that this is a really fantastic idea. Get this; when you take out a car insurance policy with the AA and you opt to join up to the drive safe system, the AA will install a box into your car. This box measures how safely you drive. The safer you drive, the more points you earn. The more points you earn the more discounts you will receive throughout the year of your policy. Not only that but if you opt to join this system when you take out a new car insurance policy you will also receive a discount when you sign up.

Who can join the Drive Safe System?

That’s easy….anyone! For all parents out there that have children that have just passed their test and now allowed to be left to their own devices when out on the road; why not join them up to this scheme. It will not only teach them how important it is to drive safely but it will also give you as the parent more piece of mind when they are out in their car. This system is also especially useful for people that are currently paying higher premiums due to driving convictions or the fact that they just keep bashing up their car.

What you get with Drive Safe

When you join up to this system you will benefit from the following:

  • Of course you will save money and be able to get the premium rate you currently pay down to a reasonable level if you are paying more than you should for the reasons given above.
  • An anti-theft tracker will also be installed at the same time as the box and this will not cost you a penny.
  • With the box, you will also get a monitor that sits on your dashboard so you know how safely you are driving.
  • A claim line that is available to you 24 hours per day 7 days a week.
  • If you need repairs doing to your car, the AA will provide you with a replacement vehicle until your own car is ready.

I have mentioned this system first in this article as, in my opinion this is one of the most innovative ideas I have come across when looking for car insurance. The AA have managed to combine the fact that they want less people claiming on their policies, ensure that you as the customer save money and also educate people on how to drive more safely.

Now, onto the other car insurance policies that you can get with the AA; the AA is one of the few companies in the UK that still offer Third Party car insurance. If you decide on this type of car insurance policy you will expect to get the following:

  • A 24 hour hotline that is available 365 days per year so if you need to make a claim, you don’t have to worry about when you can call.
  • Protection from damage to your car if someone decides that it might be a good idea to run their key over your nice paint work.
  • Costs will be covered for any medical treatment that you might need due to an accident.
  • If you have a car sharing scheme then you this type of insurance policy will cover you.
  • No Claims Discount – of course!
  • If you want to travel abroad the AA will cover you for 90 days, however this is only if you are in Europe.
  • Your car will be covered by your insurance policy if you leave it in the hands of another professional such as a mechanic or hotel employee that parks your car for you.

The 2nd type of car insurance policy that you can purchase from the AA is Third Party Fire and Theft. The benefits you can expect to get with this policy are as follows:

  • Everything that you get with a Third Party car insurance policy.
  • Damage caused by theft or fire (otherwise what would be the point of the title of the policy)!
  • The AA will replace your keys and locks for you but this is limited to £1,000 and only comes into play if you need them replacing due to fire or theft. If you go for this type of car insurance, don’t lose your keys.
  • If you have a child’s seat, the AA will replace it for you but again this is only if you need it replacing due to fire or theft.

Lastly, the 3rd car insurance policy that you can have with the AA is fully comprehensive. Ok, this will cost you a bit more, nevertheless, with things the way they are on the road today, this is the one I would go for. The benefits you get with this type of car insurance are as follows:

  • Everything you get with their 3rd Party and Third Party Fire and Theft policies.
  • Accidental damage to you car is covered by this insurance policy.
  • If you need repairs doing to your car and you use one of the AA’s approved repairers, they will provide you with a courtesy car.
  • If you need any windows, windscreen or sunroof replacing, you will be covered for this and it won’t affect your No Claims Discount.
  • Your personal belongings are protected up to the value of £250, except if you are and AA member in which case you will receive double that amount.
  • If you have a trailer, this will also be protected under your car insurance policy. The limit here is £500 for a single axle trailer.
  • You will receive up to £5,000 worth of compensation should you are your partner be injured or die in an accident. Be aware here, that should you become an AA member, this amount rises to £7,500.
  • Medical expenses are also covered up to the value of £400 for non AA members, for AA members this raises to £500.
  • The AA will provide you with overnight accommodation or transport to your destination; this is limited to £300 per person or a maximum of £500 for everyone that is travelling.

The above information is a lot to take in; however, I have tried to explain it as clearly as possible. Not everything that the AA has to offer with their car insurance policies has been included. If I did include everything, you would still be reading this in another 12 hours from now….that or you would fall asleep!

I think the AA is one of the best car insurance companies to be found in the UK. Believe me, you will not far wrong with a car insurance policy from them.

Women’s Car Insurance Review

Women’s car insurance, how long has it taken for insurance companies to realise just what safe drivers we are? I’ll bet you any money that whoever came up with these types of car insurance policies was a woman! Some of the biggest car insurance companies have, at last, started to reward women for the fact that they rank lower in the risk stakes when it comes to being on the road. For a start, we girls do not allow our heads to be turned by all of those extras that you can add to your car in order for it to become sportier. This (if you didn’t already know) actually raises the cost of insurance on your car.

The reason behind this is that the faster your car is the more at risk you are of having an accident. Plus, women tend not to speed as much as men do, we mostly use our vehicles for commuting to and from work or completing the daily school run. This means that as a whole, women have to be more responsible when they are on the road because they are more likely to be carrying young passengers or delicate loads like the weekly shopping.

Here are some statistics for you:

  • In the UK alone driving offences are committed by over 90% of men
  • When it comes to dangerous driving the statistics show that over 95% of this sort of offence is caused by men.

Any person that is involved in marketing within a car insurance company cannot ignore these statistics, they speak for themselves!

How to go About Finding the Right Women’s Car Insurance Policy

One way in which you can find a car insurance policy to suit you if you are a woman is to research on the internet; there are plenty of price comparison websites that you can use to find companies that specialise in women’s car insurance policies. Be aware, however, that not all reputable insurance firms subscribe to price comparison websites. My advice here is to start there, gather some quotes and then go to other car insurance companies to see if they can match the prices you have found.

The other thing you can do is ask around, word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool…if you happen to work for or own a car insurance company and are reading this article, please take note….we do talk about you!

Make sure that before you decide on a car insurance policy that is geared towards women that you understand fully what is covered when it comes to you and your vehicle; many people (not just women) get themselves into sticky financial situations because they have not understood EXACTLY what their car insurance policy covers.

Some of the Best Women’s Car Insurance Companies

AA – This Company has been around for many years and his here to stay. They are practically a household name in the UK and offer some great deals on women’s car insurance policies. The one thing they are great at recognising is that as a woman, if you are driving alone and happen to breakdown or are involved in an accident, you are more at risk of becoming a victim of additional crime then men are. They pledge to attend to your needs within 30 minutes of you calling them and this can come as standard with their fully comprehensive car insurance policies. I have chosen this company as top of the list because I honestly cannot find a bad word to say about them. The discounts they offer for women’s car insurance policies are some of the best on the market and if you go to them with a price you have already been quoted, they will more than likely match or even beat that price.

Sheila’s Wheels – What a fantastic company name, as a woman I would be interested in researching their car insurance policies just because of that. I guess that’s why they came up with the name….very clever, whoever thought of it. One of the best things that this company offers with its comprehensive car insurance policies is handbag cover for up to £300; for any men reading this, you may think “what a load of old rubbish”, well let me tell you, handbags are incredibly important to us ladies and we guard them with our lives. It’s not just about having your favourite lipstick to hand, we keep our keys, credit cards and money within our handbags so having a car insurance policy that covers this is a real bonus.

Another great idea that Sheila’s wheels has come up with is that they will offer you counselling with you car insurance policy, this is available to you 24 hours a day, every day. I only wish that I had come across this company sooner, some years back I was involved in a car accident and had I had counselling available to me under my insurance policy I would definitely have taken advantage of it. Of course no claims discount is important to us as well and this company offer up 75% with their women’s car insurance policies.

Women on Wheels – Yet another great company name, if you are looking for a car insurance policy tailored for women; there will be no confusion about what this company does. These guys are part of the Endsleigh Insurance Group and if you go to their website all you need to do is click on the “get a quote button” and they will find a policy that suits your own needs. This is great, because everyone is different and we ladies require different types of cover than men. They do also have the following that comes as standard with their comprehensive women’s car insurance policies:

  • Up to 76% no claims discount.
  • All repairs that are carried out on your car are guaranteed for 5 years.
  • If you use one of their preferred garages for servicing or MOT you can save between 10 & 20%.
  • If your car needs to go in for repairs, you get a courtesy car as standard.

Bear in mind that the above are just a few examples of what you can expect to get from your car insurance policy and do also remember that if you have a special requirement, they will do their best to help you.

These are just a chosen few of the car insurance companies that specialise in women’s car insurance policies. A lot of the well known larger companies also now offer car insurance policies for women however; you might well be better off sticking with those that make it their business to insure women. If you have a partner or husband, don’t worry, you can get multi-car insurance policies that will allow you to add your spouse or house mate as well. This will not affect the savings that you can make with your own car insurance policy.

In Conclusion

At last, the UK car insurance market has recognised that us girls are a safer bet when it comes to car insurance and not only that, they are now thinking about the sort of needs that a woman has when it comes to insurance on her car. It doesn’t matter which way you dress it up, it’s a dangerous world out there and women need specialist protection when they are on the road; especially when they are driving alone. There are hundreds of car insurance policies tailored towards women with this in mind.

If you are a woman and you are on the market for a car insurance policy, check out the companies mentioned in this article, they have really thought about what women’s car insurance policies should include and not only that, they offer great savings because we, as women, are less likely to make a claim. Car insurance companies now know that as women, we drive more safely and take better care of our vehicles than men do.

With some women’s car insurance companies, you will even be able to gain advice on how to make sure that your car is safe to drive; one of the things that men do come out top on is having the knowledge about tyre pressure, oil levels and so on. When you choose a car insurance policy tailored towards women, you will find that on the whole, most of the companies that offer women’s car insurance policies will advise you on these little issues. After all, it’s in their interest to ensure that you don’t experience a tyre blowing out on the motorway or your engine conking out because you have run out oil.

The message here is that whether you’re a young woman that has recently passed her driving test or a woman that has been driving for some time; you can now at last, find women’s car insurance policies that will protect you properly. You can now find a car insurance policy that is just for you!


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