Home Insurance Summary

Why Didn’t I Get Home Insurance?!

There are a few comments we’re all guilty of (me included), and one of them is “it will never happen to me”.  On the back of this many people prefer not to get home insurance because they believe this phrase which, in all honesty, is just tempting fate! Some of you reading this may think it’s a waste of money, or don’t believe you own anything valuable enough. That said I’ll bet you at least have electrical goods as well as some bricks and mortar to take care of.

So, to save you from entering the hell that’s “why didn’t I get home insurance” here are a few reasons why you should take this just as importantly as you might car or life insurance policies (yes, life)! After all what could be worse than having to replace your child’s latest games console (oh, think of the tantrums)!

Peace of Mind

Imagine this? Practically all the furniture in your home is covered in plastic so you don’t have to deal with those accidents that could mean a replacement. Think about how guests feel when they’re too afraid to sit on the sofa in case they damage it or worse, get stuck to it on a hot summer’s day!

It could also be that you’ve banned kids from certain areas in the home so they don’t break precious ornaments that have been handed down through the generations.  You could even go further than this to protect the items in your home and for what? Saving a few pounds each month? We all lead stressful enough lives without adding all this into the mix. So, think about it – having a home insurance policy WILL bring you peace of mind.

Bricks and Mortar

Insurance policies like this don’t just protect your contents they also cover the walls around you and even the space outside. These days, we face many perils due to changes in the weather (flooding being the main culprit). Taking an insurance policy for your home that covers what’s standing around you (or not as the case may be) is especially useful if your property is old. The last thing you need is to suffer a power cut only to be told it can’t be fixed unless you have a full rewire which, as you’re probably aware can cost thousands.

Types of Home Insurance

The sky is the limit as far as this type of cover goes these days. It’s a competitive market and everyone wants your business. For this reason lots of companies offer tailor-made policies that fit you and not them. For instance, you might want to make sure that boat you have parked up in the driveway is covered for damage or theft (lucky you for owning a boat)! Or, you might have an expensive collection of stamps which would cause no end of heartache if they were to be damaged or stolen. Surely it would be much better knowing these items are covered?

Are You On A Budget?

Money is tight for a lot of people and insurance companies across the board have thought about this believe it or not! There are plenty of policies on the market that come as standard and are anything but expensive. So, if you have a minimal amount of items to cover, this type of policy is perfect and it won’t break the bank.

The Answer

The point is, it doesn’t matter how “odd” your needs might be, there are companies out there that can help. Plus, the phrase “I can’t afford it” probably isn’t all that true. Money can’t replace sentimental items but it does help ease the pain. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (more on that type of insurance elsewhere on our website) and quite frankly, it will bring peace of mind. So, don’t end up asking “why didn’t I get home insurance” and get covered!



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