Help! I Need To Make an Insurance Claim

Help! I Need To Make an Insurance Claim

OK, so we don’t all take out insurance in the “hope” we might one day be able to make a claim. For those of you who have landed on this page with the intention of taking out a policy specifically for that reason, I suggest you look elsewhere! For those of you who are in a pickle because that 100 year old oak tree has just crashed through the roof of your home, or you’ve come back from a hard day at work to a flood in your kitchen….read on.

The Obvious

OK, this is obvious. Make sure you’re insured! Before you navigate away from this article because of an insult to your intelligence, think about it. Many people blindly take out an insurance policy and just renew each year without thinking about any changes that may have occurred. So, when I say make sure you’re insured what I mean is that before you go ahead and renew, take into account anything that may have changed from the previous year.  In fact, it’s worth checking if you get something new for your home or something changes with your car before your policy is due for renewal.

Don’t Panic

Panicking comes easy when you have a disaster that seems like it will end the world, believe me, I’ve been there! So instead of doing something like a “keystone cop” dance head to where you keep your emergency numbers (being the sensible one in the household you’ll know exactly where that is).

Make a call to the insurance company and (calmly as you can) explain the situation. This will set a few wheels in motion. If you’ve chosen the right insurance company, they will act straight away especially if you have an oak tree in your living room!

Non- Emergency Situations

Maybe your cat has had a “mad 5 minutes” and ended up breaking that precious Ming vase which has been passed down through the family or, your garden shed fell down. In this situation there shouldn’t be any need for panic, well, there might be a need for the cat!

When you need to make an insurance claim that doesn’t require an immediate phone call to the company it’s best to make sure you have everything in place first. Policy documents should be to hand because they will contain pretty much everything you need. Think telephone number for claims and your policy number.

Once you’re happy you can make a claim before you call ensure you have all the facts about the incident correct. Insurance companies take a very dim view of not receiving the right information when their customers make a claim, and even an honest mistake can hold up replacement items or a cash payment.

Also remember you may be asked for receipts for items being claimed or invoices from a certain tradesman that assured you he had fixed your leaking pipes.


Make that call and be honest! If you’re not the chances are you will be found out and that will probably land you in hot water! Plus, you’ll have to mend that hole in the roof or replace your kitchen at your own cost.



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