Got a Weird Pet? You Can Get It Insured

Apologies if the title to this article has offended you, but let’s face it…some people might think having an “exotic” pet is kind of weird. Although, I don’t put myself in that bracket because I have an unhealthy interest in spiders and snakes! Just before I get onto the importance of exotic pet insurance, it may interest you to know that we in the UK were the first to look kindly upon these sometimes misunderstood creatures and so we were the first to branch out into this particular type of pet care.

Now that snippet of information is off my chest, I’ll give you an idea of why you should consider getting a document of insurance for your precious Mickey the Chameleon or Zippy the snake:

This type of animal is likely to cost a lot more to buy in the first place, and whilst I’m sure you love them just as much as say, a cat or dog you do have to think about the investment you’ve made. That said there are plenty of “normal” domestic pets that cost a small fortune!

If your pet does suffer an illness it’s probably not going to be as easy to treat as it would be a cat or dog, and could need more specialist attention which can also cost a pretty penny.

Because pets of this type can be rare they can be considered as somewhat of an attraction to would be thieves (God Forbid Mickey should ever go missing)!

These are just a select few reasons in addition to the insurance requirements for more common animals, but that doesn’t mean it’s all you can expect to get cover for. There are a number of companies on the market who will cover you for death (again, God Forbid poor Mickey) or long-term illness.

Is Exotic Pet Insurance Easy to Find?

If you’re looking for this type of pet insurance for the first time, you might be surprised to know it’s not that difficult to find. Many companies have recognised that offering cover for the less common types of pet is actually a pretty untapped market albeit more specialised.

Many of the household insurance names are now offering various policies for all types of pet and it’s not just limited to the little ones we keep indoors. If you have a horse, pet pig or even a goat it’s possible to get some insurance.

Types of Policy

As with cats and dogs, you can get pet cover for your scaly or feathered friends which will cover vet fees as well as theft or (and I hope this never happens), death. Of course, you do have to accept that exotic pets come in all forms from reptile to mammals and some species will need specialist care. With that in mind, make sure you discuss at length what your requirements are.

As an “out of the box” pet owner don’t think you’re being singled out anymore because there are pet insurance policies’ out there tailored to meet you and your pets’ needs.

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