Do You Love Your Pet Enough

Do You Love Your Pet Enough?

If you own a pet (or two), the chances are you’re answer will be a posthumous yes to the above question. In fact there’s no chance about it, of course you love your pet enough but do you, or have you considered pet insurance? This question is probably going to be met with a “no”. After all, you wouldn’t be reading this blog otherwise!

The first thing is why are you considering insurance for your pet? Well, the main reason is we all know how expensive a trip to the vet’s can be and not all of us have the spare cash hanging around to deal with an unexpected illness. This can range from a little bug that Fido picked up on a walk to (God forbid) a serious long-term problem. Another reason is by having insurance, you get peace of mind that you won’t have to go to the “bank of daddy” when there’s a need to have medical treatment for your pet.

So, what’s on the market I hear you say well, take a look below and I’ll give you a few ideas:

Types of Pet

All pet insurance companies offer policies from accident only cover to lifetime with both cats and dogs. These types of policies are also available for rabbits and horses. But, what if you have an exotic pet such as a parrot, lizard, snake, or in some cases a beloved tarantula? You might be surprised to learn you can get insurance for these less than fury friends as well. That said, they are pretty new to the market so don’t expect to find them everywhere and you will more than likely pay a little more.

Accident Pet Policies

If you have a pet that’s prone to accidents (and yes, they do exist)! Maybe Tiddles is constantly coming home with cuts and scratches or Fido just can’t help but chew on the nearest bee as it flies past. In which case there are companies out there who are dedicated to making sure your vet bills are covered should an accident happen.

Of course, there are more serious situations where a little more than some antiseptic and antibiotics will do. If your pet has to have an operation due to an accident there is plenty of cover to choose from so if you are faced with something like a car accident, you can devote your time to looking after the patient instead of worrying about how to pay for treatment.

Oh, and I can’t forget you. Humans are just as likely to end up needing a stay in hospital so bear this in mind when you’re shopping for pet insurance. Some companies will make sure your pet is properly looked after by providing kennels or some other suitable place for them to stay while you’re away. Although, they can’t guarantee the same amount of “nursing” from your pet when you return home!

Full and Part Cover

As far as “normal” pets go the world is your oyster when it comes to the type of insurance you want. Although do think about the fact that most companies don’t cover routine expenses such as vaccinations, neutering and micro-chipping. Oh, and remember if you have a dog it’s a legal requirement to have them chipped these days. If you’re considering insurance for a pet you’ve had for some years (in other words the grey hair is starting to make an appearance and walks in the park are more of a stroll these days), you’re not exempt. Some companies will even take your pet if they already have an ongoing illness.

Loving Your Pet Enough

OK, pet insurance will be another monthly expense to factor in but, considering policies can cost as little as £3.50 a month it’s not much to ask so you have peace of mind that your four (or eight legged) friend can get the treatment they need.


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