Direct Line Van Insurance Review

You may be wondering why companies like Direct Line are offering van insurance as oppose to a general motor policy. Well, the answer is that insurance companies have recognised that people who own and drive vans have slightly different needs to the average person that drives a car.

Why? I hear you ask. The main reason is if you own a van, you more than likely use if for business and this means more time on the road. Don’t worry you haven’t been singled out just because of the whole “white man van” reputation. In fact, you can get some really good discounts that aren’t available under general motor insurance.

Of course, if you own a van purely for personal reasons you’re not excluded and you can benefit from the same types of policies so, that’s that worry out of the way!

Major Advantages to Using Direct Line van insurance

There is an endless list of reasons why you should use this company. They haven’t been on the market for as long as some other insurance companies but, since they arrived on our television screens with that little red telephone and catchy tune, they’ve taken the market by storm.

Not only are they well known for their customer service, they are also known for their innovative approach to protecting you while you’re out on the road.

Below are some of the benefits you can expect before you even decide on what type of policy you would like:

  • Currently there is 20% off any new policy you take out with them. We’re not sure how long this is going to be running so be quick!
  • Get this! Direct Line will also give you a FREE MOT to the value of £54.85 when you take a policy out with them. Do bear in mind however; this is only valid for 12 months.
  • Direct Line is also offering something they like to term as “Together”. This means that if anyone in your household already has some other form of insurance with them, you can get yet another 10% off your van policy.

It doesn’t stop there either! Once you have decided Direct Line is the company for you (and why wouldn’t you)? They will offer the following as standard:

  • 15% off any additional vehicle you add to your policy (great for those of you that have more than one van).
  • Up to £500 worth of cover on your tools.
  • Internal rack and sign writing cover – This does however come with stipulations. If you have vinyl wraps, these won’t be covered.
  • If you purchase the guaranteed hire vehicle option, Direct Line will kindly make sure you get a replacement van within 24 hours AND have your own van repaired within 5 days.

What Type of Policies You can Purchase

This is the easy bit. Direct Line will offer you the same sort of policies you can get with pretty much all companies. These are:

  • Third Party Fire and Theft – It’s kind of obvious what this covers but, you will also be protected from claims against you for damage or injury to their property.
  • Comprehensive – Now, we could explain everything that this includes but we’re not writing a manual on how Direct Line works their policies. Here’s the quick version. Everything you get with Third Party Fire and Theft plus medical expenses, your personal belongings and personal accident cover.
  • Third Party Only – It’s not exactly recommended in this day and age but, Direct Line is one of the few insurance companies that still give you this option. With this type of policy you will be protected from any claims against you for damage to their property or personal injury.

Additional Extras

Yes! The list goes on! Here are some additional extras that Direct Line offer:

  • An accident action pack – this is really useful because it tells you exactly what to do if you’ve been involved in an accident.
  • Accident helpline – this is open 24 hours a day and you’ll be met with someone that can not only calm you down but give you expert advice.
  • Windscreen helpline – this is also open 24 hours a day (stones don’t know what time of day is when they decide to send a huge crack through your windscreen).
  • If you take out comprehensive cover, you will be covered for the repair of your windscreen.
  • Motor Legal Protection – this is something that’s slightly more complicated and you really should speak to one of their representatives to find our more.

In Conclusion

Just because you drive a van and have to put up with that “label” (we all know what it is), it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be entitled to decent cover at a reasonable price and that’s what makes Direct Line Van Insurance one of the best!

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