Churchill Pet Insurance Review

We love our pets don’t we? The English are well known for this and for good reason. Pets can bring an inordinate amount of joy into our lives, and it doesn’t matter if you have cats or dogs, they all have their own little personalities that help endear them to us. What I’m here to talk about today is Churchill Pet Insurance.

Now, you may be thinking that I’m discounting those of you that prefer the company of the more exotic breeds such as reptiles, or spiders by mentioning the two most common types of pets we English love to have, but I’m not. It’s the insurance companies that are. At the moment, insurance is virtually impossible for exotic breeds, and if you own one, you’ll understand why.

However, I digress, on to the important stuff. Let me start by saying I have 2 cats both of whom are now 18 going on 19 years old. Unfortunately, I don’t have the benefit of pet insurance, and it would be hard (if not impossible) for me to get it, for obvious reasons. Back when I first got my cats, insurance was fairly non-existent or at least, it wasn’t as heavily advertised then as it is now.

I’m going to draw on my experience with my two babies to help you make a decision on if you think taking out insurance is worth it. Here is what it costs me to keep my girls “going”:

  • Once a week I pay £8 for a pack of kidney tablets and this has been an expense I’ve had for the past 2 or 3 years.
  • Once a month I pay £16 for prescription food for one cat and the same for the other (one has thyroid and kidney problems, the other just kidney).
  • Once every 3-6 months I pay in the region of £30-£50 for a blood test just to check their liver, kidney and thyroid function.

Add to this the amount of kitchen paper and anti-bacterial spray I go through because of all the vomit they projectile across the floor and you begin to understand how much it costs to keep one elderly animal, let alone two! By the way, apologies for that last piece of information, it’s not the nicest subject, but it had to be said.

OK, so now you know how much it can cost when your pets get old. What about when they’re young? Just like kids, puppies and kittens will get into scrapes that require veterinary care and this can be costly. Add to that the fact that they’re open to all sorts of diseases that can’t be ascertained before you get them and you begin to see that having a pet isn’t just a moral responsibility it’s financial as well.

So, on to what Churchill Pet Insurance can do for you. Below you’ll find some of the benefits you’ll get with your policy:


  • If you book online, it will save you 20% (We LOVE the internet)!
  • Two levels of insurance – standard and emergency.
  • Vet fees are covered but with limits (a bit more on that in a minute).
  • If you’re pet is lost or stolen, Churchill will kindly give you £1000 towards a reward.
  • If your pet dies, it’s not nice, but this can happen, Churchill will pay you up to £500 of the original purchase price.

So, let’s elaborate a little:

Vet Fees Covered

If your pet is suddenly taken ill and needs emergency treatment, the policies with Churchill will cover you for up to £500. If your pet (God forbid) is involved in an accident that requires emergency treatment, you’ll be covered for up to £1,500.

The above is only if you take out their emergency cover (of course)!

General insurance will cover you for up to £3,000 for each condition, it’s important I mention this because your pet can get multiple health problems. However, this will only be for 12 months from the date treatment first started.

Other Conditions to Bear in Mind

Your pet must be at least 8 weeks old and no older than 10 years 11 months when you take out a policy. Check about certain dog breeds because some of them have a restriction of 6 years. As long as your pet is this age, cover will not stop just because they’ve just turned 11 or 7 years old.

Don’t think that just because your dog has been left at home all day, and you return to find he’s turned your sofa into a woolly mess, you can claim on your pet insurance. That’s what home contents insurance is for!

In Conclusion

If you love your pets (and I’m not tugging are your heart strings here), Churchill offers some of the most comprehensive insurance on the market and it will cost you less in the long-run.







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