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Aviva Travel Insurance Review

The first thing I’m going to say about Aviva travel insurance is that you’re not likely to find it on a comparison website. Well, you might but the chances are you won’t get the best deal they have to offer. After all, travel insurance (for a lot of people) is an added expense you more than likely find a bit of a pain!

However, as is the way in the world if you don’t take out some insurance when you go on holiday, you’ll probably end up having an accident and the one thing you don’t need is a huge bill! This could mean you’re travellers cheques are spent before you manage to find the perfect souvenirs’ for everyone!

So, what makes Aviva travel insurance worth considering when you’re planning a trip away? Read on to find out.

Single Trips

If you want to take out single trip travel insurance, you can get it from Aviva. After all, I wouldn’t bother mentioning it otherwise! Generally, you’ll be covered for 120 days either abroad or in the UK but you will have to make sure you’ve booked at least 2 nights (in a row) at a hotel or some other form of accommodation.

Annual Travel Insurance

If you’re someone who travels often (lucky you)! The best thing to do is take out annual travel insurance as it does work out a lot cheaper. The difference with an insurance policy like this is you’re only covered for a maximum of 31 days each trip. But, this can be extended up to 90 days if you need it (although that will cost you slightly more).

If you intend to have annual travel insurance, you will also be covered for any holidays you take, but as with the policy above you will have to make sure you’ve booked at least 2 night’s accommodation.

The standard benefits you can expect from both of the above are as follows:

  • If you need urgent medical attention (and let’s hope you don’t), Aviva will cover you for up to £10 million.
  • Lost or stolen passports are covered for up to £750.
  • No-one wants to suffer a robbery when they’re away so it’s worth thinking about being “street smart” with your cash. However, if you are unlucky enough to lose money you’ll be covered for up to £500 overall. Bear in mind though, this will only be £300 for bank notes or change (not that you should have £300 in change – that would just be silly)!
  • Legal expenses, should you need them will be covered up to £50,000.
  • Should the worst happen and you need to cancel or abandon your trip, Aviva will kindly cover you for up to £5,000 and this for each person who is travelling. Oh, and if you’ve already paid for Fido or Tiddles to go into luxury accommodation and need to cancel those fees will be covered as well.

Exclusions to Think About

I find that many people looking for a travel insurance policy (me included) often forget about the “little” things that won’t be covered, and I think you’ll find that Aviva are not being unfair with their exclusions.

For a start, if you intend to visit a country that’s shall we say, a tad volatile, don’ expect to be insured if you run into trouble. When I say this I mean that if you end up being in the middle of war zone, Aviva won’t be able to help! The only piece of advice I can give you here is to make sure you research any country you intend to visit that could suffer a military coup or something-else equally as dangerous to foreigners who are there at the time.

The same can be said for areas that are likely to cause illnesses (or indeed death) as a result of being exposed to nuclear related problems such as radiation, leaks and explosions. Again, the trick here is to make sure your holiday destination isn’t likely to be involved in anything like this.

If you’ve just read the above, and are turned off because the company you work for expects you to visit countries that are considered dangerous, then naughty them for not offering insurance to protect you from this!

Other exclusions include taking potentially dangerous trips on say, a quad bike; you intend to go on a skiing holiday or take a nice relaxing golfing holiday. HOWEVER! If you do go on either of the last two mentioned, it is possible to take travel insurance out as an added extra.

After all, Aviva don’t think its fair you can’t spend your time away sliding down a mountainside on two planks of wood, or swinging a potentially dangerous weapon at a small white ball in the middle of a golf course!


The one thing I would urge you to remember is that Aviva has been trading for a long time, and have an excellent reputation within their field. The prices you pay are competitive and the customer service (worldwide) receives some great reviews.

To justify the comment above bear in mind that you will be offered a 24 hour helpline no matter where you are in the world. With this one number you can sort out medical emergencies, trace lost or (let’s hope it never happens) stolen luggage or travel documents.

In some cases (where it’s needed) Aviva travel insurance will even pay your medical bills direct, so you can get on with what matters most – getting better! In respect of medical conditions if you do suffer from an illness, do yourself a favour and be honest about it before you take a travel insurance policy with them. If you’re not, it might mean you won’t get the care you need when you’re away.

All in all, Aviva is a trusted name within the travel insurance industry, and if you do decide to take out a policy with them, think about going direct. Why? Because they’ll give you up to 20% discount for not using comparison websites!


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Benefits Alliance Travel Insurance Review

If you’ve never heard of Benefits Alliance travel insurance, the first thing you should know is this company is the trading name of General Insurance UK (maybe the penny has dropped now)! Apart from knowing who they are you’re more than likely interested in finding out how they can help with travel insurance. After all, why would you be reading this blog otherwise?

The fact is that when you delve deeper into what this company is willing to cover, it’s probably one of the most comprehensive on the market and I’ll bet it will have you thinking it’s too good to be true once you’ve finished reading this. Of course, you could just skip to the sub-headings that are relevant to you, but you might just miss something you hadn’t thought about.

When you visit the Benefits Alliance website, and I hope you do even if it’s just to double check the information I’ve given you, you will find the set-up is so simple even a child could understand it. You don’t have to click on various links just to find out what type of travel “mishaps” are covered, it’s all there right in front of you. The only clicking you might have to do is when you want detailed information on a travel insurance policy that interests you. Even then, it’s as simple as downloading a PDF file so it’s a no frills, easy to understand website.

With that out of the way, let’s get on to what you can expect from the travel insurance policies Benefits Alliance has to offer. Oh, and I’ve taken the liberty of using their numbering system (hopefully it won’t upset the MD)!

A1 – Curtailment or cancellation

What this means is kind of obvious, but I’m guessing you’re more interested in how much you’re covered for. In fact, you will be surprised to know this company will cover you for up to £5,000!

A2 – Catastrophe

This title sounds a bit over the top, but all manner of things can go wrong when you’re travelling and I’ve yet to come across a company that will cover you for the “catastrophes” below:

  • Overall you can be covered for a number of things up to £750.
  • If you’re unlucky enough to be involved in a hijack of some sort (and in today’s world this is a possibility), Benefits Alliance will cover you.
  • Being mugged when you’re on holiday can be a horrendous experience, and money won’t always make things right, but it sure helps!
  • This one surprised me the most. Benefits Alliance will cover you if you’re a victim of air rage! This is something I had NEVER thought about, but when you consider how stressful flying is these days, it is a possibility. Not to mention that if you travel 1st class you could come across a rock star that has just about had enough!

For all of the above (except for the first point of course), you will be covered for up to £500, and get this – there’s no excess to worry about.

B & C – This section covers emergency medical treatment, expenses and hospital benefits.

If you opt to have this included in your travel policy you can expect to be covered for up to £3,500 if you need to cover accommodation or travel expenses as a result of illness, and (God Forbid) should someone lose their life the basic cover offers £1,000. However, I suggest you read the detailed information on their website because you can be covered for as much as £10,000.

D & E

This section deals with everything from travel delay to holiday abandonment and even takes your pets into consideration. Depending on what policy you choose, you could be covered for anything from £200 to £5,000.

F – Personal Accident

Whilst I try to put a humorous spin on many of the blogs I write, this is a pretty serious subject. You never know what life has waiting for you and Benefits Alliance has thought about this. This type of policy will cover you if you lose any limbs, are permanently disabled, or in the worst case scenario someone dies, cover is available up to £25,000.

The List Goes On….

I’m limited to the number of words I can use here, but when you visit this travel insurance company’s website, you’ll find their list of benefits goes well into the L’s. You can expect to be covered for your golf or skiing equipment. Loss of baggage, travel documents or other personal items, they’ll even help you out if you’re delayed because of an avalanche!

Plus, (and I MUST mention this one), if you’re intending to go on a golfing holiday, not only can you protect the equipment you have, if you get a hole in one Benefits Alliance will give you £100 for the bar bill! Now, you can’t say fairer than that can you!


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AA Travel Insurance Review

If you’re reading this the chances are you’re looking for travel insurance and bravo to you for doing so! If you’re reading this and you’re not looking for travel insurance but are going away, then DON’T go anywhere!

The Younger Generation

Too many people (especially the younger generation) don’t take out travel insurance when they go on holiday and there are a couple of reasons for this:

  • When you’re young you don’t think about falling ill. In fact, you think you’re pretty much invincible (I know I did).
  • You’re on a budget and the idea of shelling out some extra cash on insurance instead of keeping it tucked away for that emergency pint of beer really doesn’t “float your boat”.

Both of the reasons above are probably something that’s got your head nodding right now but, you have to remember that when you’re abroad just about anything can go wrong. For most of us it doesn’t but, what happens if you slip on the side of a swimming pool and suffer a massive gash that needs stitches? Or worse, you come down with some mystery illness that’s making you feel pretty unwell?

Well, both of these instances will mean you have to make a trip to the hospital and if you don’t have travel insurance you’re beer money will soon be no more!

The Older Generation

Now, this is a completely different story. You’re probably reading this because you’re more than interested in making sure you have enough insurance when you’re abroad but, there are things we all forget.

When you’re looking for a policy do not tell a fib about your health, if you do you, you might find that you need medical attention and your insurance won’t cover it. For those of you with more complicated health issues, make sure you explain everything. In fact, too much information is better.

It might cost you a bit more for the insurance but if you end up in hospital and you’re not covered, the cost of this will far outweigh the extra you have to pay in order to make sure you’re properly insured.

Why AA

We have advertised AA travel insurance on our website because they’re one of the oldest and best recognised companies in the UK. In the following few words you’re going to find out why you should consider taking a policy out with them when you travel.

For a start, they have policies that are tailored to suit just about any need out there. Below are some you can expect:

Single Trips

This policy will cover you for a trip abroad that is no longer than 185 days (lucky you if you can take a holiday for that long)! Here are some of the other benefits:

  • Cover starts from £5.73 – be aware to read the small print on this one.
  • Medical expenses are covered up to the value of £10 million. In my opinion this is very generous, I can’t think of anything that would happen to someone which would cost this much, even over 185 days.
  • Emergency assistance will be available to you 24 hours a day 365 years a day.
  • You’ll have the benefit of £25,000 personal accident cover.
  • If you cancel, you’ll benefit from up to £5,000 per person.
  • There is also something called “financial failure holiday protection” which, in this day and age can come in very useful.

Annual Multi-Trips

All of the above and/or:

  • Multiple trips of up to 45 days each.
  • Cover starts from £23.46
  • Discounts if you’re part of a couple or family (the AA are nice like that).

Other Policies

For those of you that love to get away from it all but like to stay active, the AA hasn’t forgotten about you. There are policies that cover all sorts of winter sports, golfers and even backpackers. One of the best things I love about the AA and, I’ve yet to find another company that will do this. They will cover you on a single or multi-trip for your wedding!

Here’s what you can expect on top of the benefits already mentioned:

  • Up to £250 on your wedding rings. (It doesn’t sound like much but something is better than nothing).
  • Up to £1,000 on your wedding gifts.
  • Up to £1,000 on your wedding clothing.

Oh, and for all of you that are already AA members expect additional discounts on all the policies mentioned.

A Few Final Words

It doesn’t matter what your reason for travelling is, you should always make sure you’re covered for any eventuality. Whilst most of us will not encounter a problem; there is nothing worse than adding to your woes because you don’t have the money on you to pay for medical expenses.

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