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John Lewis Pet Insurance Review

John Lewis Pet Insurance

If you’re not an animal lover (that is to say cats and dogs), you’re on the wrong page! If you are an animal lover – welcome! You’re just about to find out all about John Lewis pet insurance and how it can make sure your furry friend or friends are well looked after should they become ill or suffer and accident.

It doesn’t matter if you have a one eared “moggy” or a pure bred pet that cost you a small fortune to buy; this company has an insurance policy to help. OK, so you might know John Lewis better for the marvellous department store that it is. However, they’re already proving to be a reliable source for all types of insurance.

OK, less waffle and more information on what a John Lewis pet insurance policy can do to make sure little Tiddles the Persian or Rex the Labrador get the care they need, when they need it!

The first thing I’d like to mention is the fact that John Lewis offer something called long-term cover for pets which isn’t that common. Other companies will either limit you to the amount of time you can claim for a health condition or, how much you can claim.

No! This company has thought long and hard about what pet owners want from their insurance and they’ve done away with these restrictions. So, if your cat gets stung by a bee, or you have a dog that’s developed an illness that needs long-term care they will cover them.

The other option John Lewis pet insurance offers that I have rarely seen anywhere-else is the level of cover you can choose. In fact, they have three separate options: Essential, Plus and Premier. Of course, the higher the level of cover, the more it will cost but this does help if you have a breed of cat or dog that can develop complicated health issues.

So, let’s take a look at each one in turn.

Essential Pet Insurance

Being an animal lover myself, I certainly think pet insurance is “essential” so I think this level of cover has been very aptly named! This is what you get:

  • Vet fees and dental care treatment is paid up to £3,000.
  • For accidental damage (to other people’s property not your pet) is limited to £250.
  • You get complimentary treatment up to £500.
  • You’re provided with what John Lewis pet insurance call their free “vetfone” helpline which is at your disposal 24 hours a day. After all, your four legged friend doesn’t make an appointment to get ill!
  • Stolen or lost pets, death from illness or from an accident is all covered to the tune of £500.
  • If you need special food for treatment, you get up to £250.
  • For dogs only (and it’s kind of obvious why), you get up to £1 million third party liability. If you’re not sure what this means let me tell you. If your dog is involved in an altercation that causes injury or (in the worst case scenario), death to another person you’ll be covered for legal and damage costs.
  • The last one on this policy covers you if (God forbid) your pets goes missing. John Lewis will pay up to £500 for advertising and/or the offer of a reward.

Plus Pet Insurance

This is the middle of the range on the pet insurance policies John Lewis offer, and you get everything mentioned above “plus”:

  • Holiday cancellation up to the value of £3,000.

Of course, the amounts you’re covered for each point above also go up!

Premier Pet Insurance

This policy comes with the highest price tag, so it all depends on how much it’s likely to cost you for things like vet fees, dental care any of the other “essentials” mentioned. For example, both vet fees and dental care shoot up to £12,000 and third party liability for your dog is a whopping £3 million!


You may think the John Lewis pet insurance policy is too good to be true, and whilst they offer many benefits lots of the other companies don’t there are still certain restrictions to think about. For instance, if you have a dog that’s registered under the dangerous dogs act they can’t offer you a policy. This comes into force even if your dog is a mix or cross breed.

If you’ve been shopping around for pet insurance, you might well be aware there can be age restrictions. John Lewis will only cover your cat or dog from the age of eight weeks. Surprisingly, there isn’t an upper age limit however, if your pet is older than nine the death from illness cover isn’t available.

Other Considerations

If your pet has a pre-existing health condition, don’t expect to get cover for it. Even if your pet’s illness is hereditary or congenital John Lewis still won’t cover you. You can still get a policy with them, it just means care for the condition they already have will come out of your own pocket.

If your pet has reached the age where he or she needs to be neutered, this also isn’t covered. In fact, any routine exams or “elective” treatments will have to be paid for by you and this includes dental as well as general health.

Don’t Be Put Off

Some of you may think the last two paragraphs make the John Lewis pet insurance policy a little shall we say, stingy! However, these are standard and you’ll find them with pretty much all other companies on the market.

In fact I think they’ve more than made up for it by offering three different levels of cover as well as long-term insurance. Plus, you’re dealing with a company that’s underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance and you can’t get much more respected than that!

Just as a final thought (and I’m sure this may have crossed your mind), if you have more than one pet and insure them all with John Lewis you will receive a 5% discount. Perhaps that’s enough not to put you off!




Direct Line Pet Insurance Review

Before you get a pet you should ALWAYS weigh up the costs. Cats and dogs especially can cost thousands of pounds just in vet bills, not to mention all the toys you buy, the beds (particularly cats, they love beds), food of course, and all the other treats you love to give them.

This is why there are many insurance companies on the market that actively advertise they will insure your pet and amongst them is Direct Line. Although this company is far younger than many of the other names out there, in the short space of time they’ve been around they have become a household name.

Now, this could be because of the catchy T.V. advertising but, it’s more than likely down to the services they offer which are why customers keep coming back for more. One of those services is pet insurance. This is kind of obvious really considering the title to this piece!

Why Insure your Pet?

Well, we have yet to come across government funded medical cover for pets like the NHS although, keep that one quiet because who knows, you might end up having to pay a tax if you’ve got pets! So, when you do have to make an unexpected visit to the vets, you will have a bill to pay and, depending on the severity of the problem this could be something that leaves you dipping into your savings.

Some of the most obvious reasons you will need to make a visit to the vet without prior notice are:

  • Your dog finally decides he’s had enough of that squeaky ball and devours it! Leaving him with a very uncomfortable gut problem (dogs are not very bright sometimes) and a pretty smelly one for you!
  • Your cat thinks it will be a really good idea to jump a fence that’s way too high because he’s after a bird and ends up with an injury.
  • God Forbid, you pet is involved in an accident.
  • Equally as worrying, they develop symptoms that leave you thinking a serious illness might be the trouble.

These are just a few of the reasons why you will need a vet at short notice and Direct Line has thought all about them.

What You Can Expect with Direct Line Pet Insurance

There are two types of insurance for your pets from Direct line and these are: Essential and Advanced. The main difference between them is the amount of money you’ll be reimbursed if your cat or dog contracts an ongoing illness. For the Essential cover you will receive £4,000 and for Advanced you will receive £6,000. It’s worth noting here that if your pet has multiple conditions, you will receive the same amount for each however, cover will stop after 12 months when you take out the Essential cover, with the advanced policy, there is no limit.

For either policy you will also receive the benefits detailed below:

  • A Helpline so you can find a vet quickly.
  • Should you need it (and this is probably more in the case of dogs than cats), a legal helpline will be made available to you.
  • It’s a sad fact that most of us will outlive our pets and for that reason Direct Line has a bereavement helpline for all its policy holders.
  • UK only based call centres.

What’s unique about Direct Line pet insurance is the way in which you can tailor your policy to suit you. When you use the link on our website to take a look, you will notice all the information given above however, there is a step 2 and this is where you can choose various other benefits so you get the best from the policy for your pet.

Here Goes….

Additional Benefits

  • If you have to stay in hospital boarding fees for your pet will be covered.
  • If your pet is lost or stolen you will receive compensation for offering a reward and/or claim advertising costs.
  • If you have to cancel your holiday and lose money, Direct Line will cover the loss.
  • If accidental death occurs, you will also be covered.

Overseas Travel

  • You will be covered for the loss of your pet’s passport.
  • Additional worming or tick treatment.
  • Any emergency expenses you may incur (for your pet, not you), will be covered.
  • If quarantine is required, you can choose to cover that as well.

Why Direct Line Will Not Cover Your Pet

Of course, there are certain conditions that may prevent you from being able to take out a policy but these are pretty standard across all insurance companies.

  • Dangerous and working dogs are excluded.
  • No cover for illnesses or injuries that occurred prior to the policy start date.
  • Your pet must be between 8 weeks and 11 years old (6 years for some breeds of dog).
  • You must reside in the UK.




Churchill Pet Insurance Review

We love our pets don’t we? The English are well known for this and for good reason. Pets can bring an inordinate amount of joy into our lives, and it doesn’t matter if you have cats or dogs, they all have their own little personalities that help endear them to us. What I’m here to talk about today is Churchill Pet Insurance.

Now, you may be thinking that I’m discounting those of you that prefer the company of the more exotic breeds such as reptiles, or spiders by mentioning the two most common types of pets we English love to have, but I’m not. It’s the insurance companies that are. At the moment, insurance is virtually impossible for exotic breeds, and if you own one, you’ll understand why.

However, I digress, on to the important stuff. Let me start by saying I have 2 cats both of whom are now 18 going on 19 years old. Unfortunately, I don’t have the benefit of pet insurance, and it would be hard (if not impossible) for me to get it, for obvious reasons. Back when I first got my cats, insurance was fairly non-existent or at least, it wasn’t as heavily advertised then as it is now.

I’m going to draw on my experience with my two babies to help you make a decision on if you think taking out insurance is worth it. Here is what it costs me to keep my girls “going”:

  • Once a week I pay £8 for a pack of kidney tablets and this has been an expense I’ve had for the past 2 or 3 years.
  • Once a month I pay £16 for prescription food for one cat and the same for the other (one has thyroid and kidney problems, the other just kidney).
  • Once every 3-6 months I pay in the region of £30-£50 for a blood test just to check their liver, kidney and thyroid function.

Add to this the amount of kitchen paper and anti-bacterial spray I go through because of all the vomit they projectile across the floor and you begin to understand how much it costs to keep one elderly animal, let alone two! By the way, apologies for that last piece of information, it’s not the nicest subject, but it had to be said.

OK, so now you know how much it can cost when your pets get old. What about when they’re young? Just like kids, puppies and kittens will get into scrapes that require veterinary care and this can be costly. Add to that the fact that they’re open to all sorts of diseases that can’t be ascertained before you get them and you begin to see that having a pet isn’t just a moral responsibility it’s financial as well.

So, on to what Churchill Pet Insurance can do for you. Below you’ll find some of the benefits you’ll get with your policy:


  • If you book online, it will save you 20% (We LOVE the internet)!
  • Two levels of insurance – standard and emergency.
  • Vet fees are covered but with limits (a bit more on that in a minute).
  • If you’re pet is lost or stolen, Churchill will kindly give you £1000 towards a reward.
  • If your pet dies, it’s not nice, but this can happen, Churchill will pay you up to £500 of the original purchase price.

So, let’s elaborate a little:

Vet Fees Covered

If your pet is suddenly taken ill and needs emergency treatment, the policies with Churchill will cover you for up to £500. If your pet (God forbid) is involved in an accident that requires emergency treatment, you’ll be covered for up to £1,500.

The above is only if you take out their emergency cover (of course)!

General insurance will cover you for up to £3,000 for each condition, it’s important I mention this because your pet can get multiple health problems. However, this will only be for 12 months from the date treatment first started.

Other Conditions to Bear in Mind

Your pet must be at least 8 weeks old and no older than 10 years 11 months when you take out a policy. Check about certain dog breeds because some of them have a restriction of 6 years. As long as your pet is this age, cover will not stop just because they’ve just turned 11 or 7 years old.

Don’t think that just because your dog has been left at home all day, and you return to find he’s turned your sofa into a woolly mess, you can claim on your pet insurance. That’s what home contents insurance is for!

In Conclusion

If you love your pets (and I’m not tugging are your heart strings here), Churchill offers some of the most comprehensive insurance on the market and it will cost you less in the long-run.







Aviva Pet Insurance Review

If you’re not a lover of animals I have absolutely no idea why you’re reading this! However, for those of you that own cats or dogs and are interested in going that extra mile to make sure they’re fit and healthy please, feel free to read on.

Many people who don’t have these furry little friends as part of their families find it hard to understand why you would consider insuring them. Of course as pet owners we do know why and it’s not just about saving money if you happen to need a vet for a major and, unexpected operation.

It’s about making sure that we can constantly afford to make sure our animals are kept in tip-top condition and, when needed, they get the proper professional care and attention they need. Aviva is one of many insurance companies that have recognised our animals should not be excluded when it comes to medical cover.

In the following few words, you’re going to find out what Aviva has to offer and just how comprehensive their cover is. Oh, and it won’t break the bank either (not that you care about that of course).

There are three different policies you can choose from and these are silver, gold and platinum:



  • This policy will cover you for vet fees totally £1,500 per year.
  • Alternative or complimentary treatments will be covered up to the value of your policy BUT, only if recommended by your vet. It doesn’t mean you can take them to the local grooming centre for a wash and brush-up and claim the cost back!
  • Behavioural Problems are covered up to £200. There are lots of reasons your pet might start to act a little “odd” but, again this will only be covered if your vet recommends it.
  • Burial or cremation costs will also be covered. It’s not a nice subject but our little fluffy friends do pass away and, if you know you don’t have to worry about the cost of a proper burial it leaves you the space to grieve the way you want to. Incidentally, Aviva will cover up to £100 of this.
  • If you have a dog you will be covered under the silver policy for accidental injury or death to a person. You will also be covered for damage to their property and the limit here is £1 million. The reason cats are not covered is obvious to anyone that owns one!




Everything mentioned in the silver policy and:


  • Up to £500 of the cost of your pet should he or she die or have to be put to sleep. Age restrictions do apply here and they are under 9 years for dogs and under 11 for cats.
  • If your pet is lost or stolen Aviva will cover up to £500 for advertising costs so you can be re-united with them. They will not however, cover the cost of a reward.
  • If you fall ill and need to stay in hospital for more than 48 hours, Aviva will pay £500 towards boarding fees for your pet.
  • If you have to cancel your holiday because your cat decides it was a good idea to chase a mouse through a hole they wouldn’t fit into and injures itself, or your dog decides that playing with car tyres is a good idea and they need medical care, Aviva will kindly pay £1,000 towards this.


Everything mentioned in the gold policy except the amounts covered can be doubled.


You should also know that no matter which policy you take, your pet will be covered for a trip abroad for up to 6 months. However, you MUST make sure they’re in a country that takes part in the PETS travel scheme.

Additional Information

Aviva pet insurance policies are all about making sure that the furry members of your family are well protected against just about any eventuality. However, they haven’t forgotten you either. There are various help lines available that are accessible to all customers and these include:

  • Counselling for bereavement.
  • It you and your pet are in a strange place (that is to say, not at home) and they need medical assistance, Aviva will locate a local vet for you.
  • If legal issues arise with your pet, there are people on the other end of the phone to help you sort things out.
  • Aviva will also offer you registered pet minders but this is limited to dogs.

In Conclusion


We couldn’t possibly cover all the questions you might have about the policies Aviva offer for your pets but, we hope we’ve covered the main points. If you’re in any doubt, give them a call, they will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Oh, and for those of you who are not technophobic, if you buy online you’ll get a very nice 10% discount!


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