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AA Motorcycle Insurance Review

AA Motorcycle Insurance

It’s a minefield out there isn’t it? And I’m not just talking about finding the right motorcycle insurance policy! I’m talking about how dangerous it can be if this is your chosen form of transport. Of course, many motorcyclists are highly responsible when they take to the roads; it’s the “others” you have to watch!

All sorts of things can go wrong when you drive on two wheels instead of four! Other motorists don’t see you because they’re not paying attention. You’re out in the open rather than being housed in a tin can, and I’m not even going to start on driving in heavy traffic!

This is why it’s imperative you have the right motorbike insurance policy, and the AA is (in my humble opinion) one of the best out there! Not only has this company been around for what seems like forever, they’re not likely to disappear from the insurance market in a hurry either. This means you’re dealing with a company that has a plethora of experience, and you can rely on them as well.

So, why would you take up an AA motorcycle insurance policy ahead of anyone-else? You’re about to find out!

What You Get as Standard

Before I dive in and tell you what you get for your money without adding any extras, it’s worth noting what type of motorbikes AA will insure, and the range is pretty extensive. If you own a moped, tourer, scooter or (for those die hards among you) a super bike there’s a bike policy for you!

Right, so first off if this isn’t your first insurance policy, and you intend to move away from the company you’re currently using (and why wouldn’t you), the AA will allow you to transfer what no-claims bonus you already have. So, before you’ve even signed on the dotted line you can save some money.

No two motorcyclists are the same as I’m sure you’ll agree and this extends to the type of insurance policy you need. With this in mind, you can pick and choose what benefits you would like. In fact, if you don’t see something you’d like to have covered just ask! If you have more than one motorcycle, and I know from experience this isn’t uncommon there are multi-bike policies available.

New for Old Anyone

I like this idea because it’s more common for a motorbike to be written off than say, a car or van. For this reason, it’s not that easy to get an insurance policy that offers new for old. However, that’s not the case with the AA.

If your bike is “totalled” this company will replace it for you. Although, don’t think you can finally buy the motorbike of your dreams because there are certain restrictions. I think the fact AA offer this type of insurance for a motorbike is generous enough, don’t you?

Oh, and your precious two-wheeler doesn’t have to be crushed in order for this part of the policy to kick-in. They’ll also replace it if it’s lost or stolen (although how anyone loses a motorbike, I don’t know)!

The Optional Extras

There are some extras worth considering that cover you for more serious issues, but let’s deal with what’s probably most important to you first…..

Helmet and Leathers!

I think this extra is cleverly put together as well. Just like your motorbike, the safety gear you wear is going to be a personal choice and not everyone’s outfit costs the same. So, for that reason you can choose how much you’d like to pay:

  • For an additional £25 a year the AA will cover you for up to £500.
  • Another £5 on top of that, making it £30 and you’ll be covered up to £750
  • If you’re someone who has spared no expense with your helmet and leathers, you can decide to pay an additional £40 per year which covers you up to £1,000.

If You Have to Go Legal

One of the most common phrases used when talking about any type of vehicle insurance is “accidents happen”, and never was a truer word spoken. Sure, we all think it will never happen to us, but (and it’s a big but) if it does, there might be a situation where you need to claim costs back. This part of AA’s motorbike insurance policy will cover up to £100,000 if it all goes a bit “Pete Tong” when you’ve had an accident.

Let’s be honest, most people that don’t ride a motorbike will think it’s your fault you ended up on the bonnet of their car! So, this added extra could come in really handy, and it only costs £26 per year. Plus, your no-claims bonus is protected which is something that’s pretty unheard of in the motorcycle insurance world.

Something to Seriously Consider

As mentioned at the beginning of this review, you are at more risk of suffering a personal injury when you ride a motorbike. It doesn’t matter how safe your clothing is, you’re still in the open air so I think tagging personal injury onto your policy is well worth some thought.

If you do decide to opt for this, it will cost a measly £25 per year, and you get all of the following:

£25,000 for:

  • Loss of sight whether it’s in one or two eyes.
  • Loss of both or one of your limbs.
  • You’re permanently disabled (excluding the injuries above).
  • Accidental death. OK, this won’t benefit you but it will help those you leave behind.

Road rage is an issue these days, and as a motorcyclist you’re likely to come across this more. It’s a sad fact but you don’t have a great reputation out there guys and gals! The AA has thought about this so you also get:

  • £100 for a stay in hospital (up to 30 days).
  • £250 for emergency dental treatment.

There you have it! The AA motorcycle insurance policy, all that remains to be said is be safe out there!

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