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Saga Over 50’s Term Life Insurance Review


When people think of retirement, they often have dreamy fantasies about playing golf all day, sipping on warm beverages at night and, leading a relaxing life of leisure. However, it often comes as a surprise when they find out that golf requires far too much walking, they’re in bed before they’ve even had time to consider drinking anything interesting and, that most of their leisure times ends up being squandered as they look for the best deals at the supermarket! This is what leads many older men and women to warn younger generations about wasting their years. It’s a warning that all too often ends up completely unheeded. It’s only remembered later, as they find themselves looking for the same bargains in the supermarkets, they can barely keep their eyes open beyond 9pm and, thought of a raucous night out is all just too much hassle!

Another thing that is often considered too late, or too early depending upon your point of view, is how your family is going to take care of your funeral costs. It’s funny that so many people say that they’ve “taken care of their final arrangements” when actually, all they’ve typically done is specified what they want to see happen (or not as the case may be). How it happens is usually on the shoulders of their next of kin. You can ask for all the sombre dirges and wreathes of flowers you’d like, but without some way to pay for it all you’ll be lucky to see a few flowers in a vase and someone playing the Hallelujah chorus on a kazoo!

It’s unlikely that you’ll mind of course. You’ll be unable to attend the event which is supremely ironic considering that you’ll be the guest of honour. Those you leave behind however, could end up being stuck with a pretty stiff bill.

Most people turn to life insurance to pay for their final costs but, this can be an imposing proposition for someone in the twilight years. After all, its life insurance and it’s the twilight of your life. These are things which are fundamentally opposed to one another. Insurance is a sort of bet against the odds of a particular misfortune happening. Without wanting to spoil anything, betting against the mortality of the human race is like coming to a roulette table and betting on the number 7,005! As such, most don’t feel that they are in any position to get life insurance later in life.


The Good News

It can therefore be good news to learn that the elderly do have affordable easy life insurance solutions. There are organizations that help older men and women invest in their future for that time when they officially run out of future to use. Saga Guaranteed Life Insurance, provided by PruProtect, is just such a company.

A lump sum of a little over £4,800 could be in the hands of your next of kin when you pass away. The cost for that service is just £20 a month which ends up being around seventy pence a day. That’s less than the price of a good cup of tea or, for that matter, a bad one. If you’re tea budget is too lean even for that sum there is no need to worry, there are plenty of options for those on a tight budget.

Most insurance companies are going to want you to take a medical so they can determine your premiums, the amount your policy is worth and, similar information. They’re also probably going to be using that data so their bookies can make good odds for the office betting pool, but they’ll never confess to that! Saga, on the other hand, knows what they’re in business for and that’s making sure that your family can cover your final expenses, NOT how much the betting pool is worth! A funeral can easily cost in excess of £4,000 and, making sure the cost is taken care of long before that happens is what’s really important. You’ll want to be remembered well, even when everyone is arguing over your fine china!

Your final days should be ones of calm repose and serenity. You can, of course also spend them on heavy drinking, wild gambling, and raucous laughter if that’s what you want after all, you’ve earned it! Regardless of how you spend your time in later life, it’s harder facing the unknown with the awareness that your loved ones are going to be struggling to pay for the privilege of paying you their final respects.

Give Saga a call. Your premiums are fixed the moment you get your policy, there are no medicals and, the call is free. Take a look at the link on our website for Saga life insurance, you’ve got nothing to loose, except a bad cup of tea!

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