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Sheilas’ Wheels Home Insurance Review

Sheilas’ Wheels Home Insurance

Sheilas’ Wheels we hear you say? Home insurance we hear you say? Well, you’ll be glad to know (or at least we hope you will) that this fab company do in fact offer insurance for your home, and it’s not just limited to what’s inside! We all know that finding any type of insurance is a right pain in the proverbial these days simply because it’s such a competitive market. However, this company make it dead easy.

Before letting you know what sort of deal you can get on your home insurance with Sheilas’ Wheels, you should know their website has a really comprehensive set of easy to understand information before getting a quote. On the very rare occasion (and it is rare), they may not be able to insure you but you can find that out before going through all the hassle of filling out forms.

You can take a look at their FAQ section, find out what optional extras there are (more on that in a moment) and you can even just leave a renewal date for your current policy and they’ll contact you when it’s convenient – easy!

So, what do you get from a home insurance policy with Sheilas’ Wheels? Let’s see!

Buildings Insurance


What you see below is buildings insurance that will suit ANYONE.

Your home will be covered along with fixtures and fittings, sheds, garages, greenhouses (you know kids and their footballs), summerhouses (if you’re lucky enough to have one). Oh, and get this! They also cover patios, footpaths, walls, hedges, gates, fences and believe it or not swimming pools and tennis courts (again, if you’re lucky enough to have one). The list is quite endless really. If you have driveways or hot tubs, they can be insured as well.

What does all this mean at a glance? Let’s take a look.

  • If needed, rent or alternative accommodation up to £75,000
  • Unlimited sum amount on buildings
  • Locks and keys (where an earth do those keys always disappear to) will be covered up to £1,000
  • Liability cover for home owners up to £2,000,000
  • Accidental damage can also be covered however do remember this is an optional extra so it will cost a bit more.

Contents Insurance


Get this! When you go with home insurance from Sheilas’ Wheels they allow you to gradually build up a no claims bonus. This is done on a year by year basis and can reach up to 45% which proves they not only want to keep your business, but appreciate it as well.

Here’s what you get:



  • New for old. We can feel the eyebrows rising at this one, but Sheilas’ Wheels will provide you with new for old items in your home if they’re stolen (God forbid) or damaged.
  • Personal money is covered up to £750.
  • Contents in your garden are covered up to £2,000 so if that precious gnome mysteriously disappears overnight, you can get a new one.

The Optional Extras


We know family is important to everyone, and this is why we like the legal protection Sheilas’ Wheels offers as an optional extra. With this, you and family who live with you will receive up to £50,000 worth of legal advice should you need it. This can include battling with a travel agent when they’ve told you the hotel you’re going to stay in on holiday is the “best thing ever” turned out to be something not unlike a holiday nightmare. Or any of the following:

  • Goods or services you’ve purchased that aren’t up to scratch.
  • Would you believe it? Employment contracts.
  • Oh, and the one we all dread and that’s disputes with a neighbour (or two).

And those are just some of what Sheilas’ Wheels offer. Think of it like having a solicitor on hand whenever you need it, and this company means WHENEVER!

Home Emergency


If your boiler breaks down, you come home from work and find your drains have been “misbehaving” or any other domestic emergency Sheilas’ Wheels will sort it out for you. Do remember though that they will only give you up to £500. That said you get this with your home insurance policy for FREE in the first year.



We think this is especially useful for those of you who live out in the sticks. Imagine finding a wasp’s nest, an infestation of mice or worse, rats in your home! They will cover you for £150 to call out a contractor and, get this, a further £200 to sort the problem out. The only thing to remember is they can only offer 3 treatments each time you claim. However, there is no set limit on how many times you can claim for this.

Annual Travel


We see the ads everywhere these days telling us we should take out travel insurance and rightly so. However, this insurance company will let you add the following to your home insurance:

  • Medical emergencies.
  • Lost documents or passports.
  • Missed or delayed departures.
  • Disruption with travel.
  • Curtailment and cancellations.
  • Personal belongings
  • Delayed baggage (everyone’s pet hate)!

What we should also mention is this covers travel worldwide, and will include everyone who lives at the policy holder’s address (including foster children). Do remember however, it will only last for 30 days at a time, so if you’re lucky enough to take a holiday for that long we think its well worth thinking about.


If You Like Winter Sports

Yep! You get a “bonzer” deal on this as well. This optional extra covers skiing, sledging and snowboarding. Your ski hire, equipment, pass and tuition fees are included. You also get accident cover and avalanche or piste closure.

All in All


As with any home insurance policy there are limits but we think Sheilas’ Wheels home insurance has some of the best options on the market at the moment and for a price as low as £148! Plus, you’ll be going with a company that’s rated 5 Star Defaqto 2016!

We recommend you at least get a quote – after all it won’t cost you anything.

John Lewis Home Insurance Review

John Lewis Home Insurance

One of the biggest purchases anyone is likely to make in their lives is a home. It may surprise you but there are people out there that feel home insurance is a big scam and after all, “it will never happen to me”. How wrong they are!

The fact is Murphy’s Law has a way of teaching you a lesson, and if you don’t insure your home the chances are you’ll suffer the worst storms you’ve seen in years. Plus, to top it all yours is the only house in the street that ends up with an ancient oak tree through the roof!

OK, so lectures on why you should get home insurance aside, which company do you choose? This can be a bit of a minefield because there are so many insurance companies on the market, and it’s a highly competitive industry so it’s easy to have your head turned by cheap, cheap prices.

As you’ve probably gathered from the title to this article, I intend to tell you all about John Lewis Home insurance. At this point you might be thinking they’ll be out of your price range because, after all, they’re John Lewis darling! Not so. This company takes pride in the products and services it offers which is why they have become such a household name over the years.

They also recognise that price as well as service is important, especially in the home insurance industry but what about products?

Buildings Insurance

If you’re new to the whole home insurance situation, you might not be aware that policies like this come two fold. One part covers your buildings and the other covers your contents (more on that further down). For this section, I’m covering buildings insurance (just in case you didn’t read the sub-heading)!

John Lewis home insurance policies cover all of your outbuildings, sheds, garage, fences, gates, walls, drives and of course, the overall structure of your home. Do remember however, to be part of the buildings insurance, fixtures have to be permanent.

One of the most popular questions these days is “will I be covered for floods”? The answer in this case is yes, but do make sure you question an agent thoroughly so you understand exactly what’s involved. You will also be covered for fire damage and subsidence.

I’ve chosen the Premier level of home insurance with John Lewis just to give you an idea of some of the benefits they offer.

  • Home Emergency Cover 24 Hours a Day – Imagine this. You’re sat at home one evening enjoying an episode of Coronation Street when suddenly, there is a huge crash and water starts gushing down the stairs! Panic may well ensue as you try to remember how to switch the water off! However, if you have home insurance with John Lewis, they will give you an emergency number to call. On top of that, they’ll find the right tradesman for you AND pay up £1,500 towards the cost!
  • Alternative Accommodation – This all depends on what exactly has happened in your home, so make sure you ask about this section of the insurance policy. Basically, if you can’t live in your home due to say, a flood, John Lewis will pay for you to stay elsewhere until the damage has been repaired.
  • Unlimited Buildings Cover – Wow! I thought when I saw this little snippet of information. John Lewis have made it possible for you to stop worrying about finding out how much it will cost to rebuild your home should the worst happen. There are stipulations, especially when it comes to the contents but I’ve yet to see this offered by an alternative insurance firm!

Contents Insurance

I know this section will interest people simply because we relate to our personal items much better than the four walls around us. Don’t ask me why, it’s just one of those things I guess! Again, I’m going to choose the Premier home insurance policy because, well, it gives you the most benefits (even if it might be their top option).

The contents insurance from John Lewis is there to protect the items you have inside your home (sorry to state the obvious)! This means if you suffer loss or damage due to fire, water, storms or even theft you’ll be covered. This could be smashed glass, audio equipment, furniture and much more. What I will say is you should triple check what is actually covered before you sign on the dotted line especially if you have high value items.

Very briefly, below are some of the benefits with this level of home insurance from John Lewis:

  • Accidental Damage – Or as John Lewis term it “full accidental damage”. This means if, for instance, a glass of red wine is spilled onto your brand new cream carpet you can make a claim.
  • Personal Possession Cover – Now this might not be something everyone needs with a home insurance policy, but we are talking premier cover here! If you take items away with you (and this can be anywhere in the world), John Lewis will cover them for up to £25,000. So, if your precious camera goes missing or you can’t find your mobile phone, they will be replaced.
  • Cover for Bicycles – All pedal type bicycles are covered including any accessories regardless of whether they’re at your home or in Europe. Although you will only be covered for up to 60 days while in Europe.
  • The Student Option – Ah, parents, I feel your pain! And that’s why I think this is a great idea. If you have children at college or university, contents they take with them from the home will be insured, so there’s no need to worry about the proverbial glass of “cordial” spilt over a computer keyboard!


I have covered the top end of the John Lewis home insurance buildings and contents insurance policy however, for those of you who have a budget to worry about, you can choose to take out their Essential or Plus cover instead which also have some great benefits!

Direct Line Home Insurance Review

Direct Line Home Insurance

There is probably a reason why the company name Direct Line was thought up, but who would have thought it would one day mean just that – direct! We in the UK have become a nation of bargain hunters in recent years, and for good reason! This is probably why comparison websites have become so popular.

However, Direct Line home insurance won’t be found on these sites – why? Simple! Because the only thing you get if you use a site like this is a comparison on the price. If you’re looking for some insurance on your home, there are more than likely questions you’ll need answering there and then. This is why Direct Line pride themselves on the fact that it’s best to get everything you need straight from the “horse’s mouth”.

Everyone has different needs with all types of insurance, and it’s no different when you want to protect you bricks and mortar as well as everything that’s housed inside. For that reason, Direct Line offer no less than three policies so you get exactly what you need.

The first option I’m going to “cover” is…….

Standard Buildings and Content Insurance

If you have a home that could cost up to £1 million to re-build or repair (including any outbuildings), this home insurance policy could be just what you’re looking for. To make for easier reading, I’ve decided to give you an “at a glance” list of all the benefits you can expect to receive:

  • If you’re contents don’t exceed a value of £50,000 everything will be covered.
  • Surprisingly for insurance companies these days, Direct Line offers a “new for old” policy. This covers everything from personal belongings, garage contents, carpets, curtains and everything in between.
  • If you’re still the type to hide cash under your mattress or, indeed in places like the freezer (the less said about that the better)! You will be covered for up to £500.
  • Items in your garden up to the value of £1,000 also come under this home insurance policy, so Dave the gnome will always be protected, even if he does end up becoming Dave mark II!
  • As we all know fire and water is something that can devastate a home, and that hasn’t been missed by Direct Line. You’re even covered if damage occurs due to a lightning strike or you suffer a flood.
  • As would be expected, things like lost or stolen keys, freezer contents and even items like the kids laptops are covered (even if they’re not at the house). Although there are certain stipulations with the latter. Plus, you will only be covered for up to £5,000.
  • As an added extra, the amounts mentioned above increase by 10% for 4 weeks either side of a wedding or Christmas. Now you can’t say fairer than that!

Not Forgetting Buildings Insurance

As mentioned, your building is also covered under this Direct Line policy and this includes just about everything you can think of when it comes to those little (or large) mishaps that can happen. Just make sure you double check when speaking with an agent.

Direct Line Home Insurance Plus

Personally, I think this policy from Direct Line is particularly useful for those of you who have older homes, or even for people who just want that added sense of security with regards to emergency problems.

Of course, you get everything mentioned in the standard policy plus a home emergency visit which includes the call out charge, labour and parts. However, do bear in mind this only goes up to £500. But, what is worth noting is what you can use this service for!

  • If your plumbing or drainage gives up the ghost, Direct Line will send an expert to you.
  • All electrics and heating is covered.
  • Security such as external locks for both doors and windows.
  • Pest cover is also included but I am talking about rodents or bugs and not the children!

What I think is really useful with this level of home cover is the fact you get annual travel insurance as well. Just so you have a brief idea of what you can expect from this, you’ll be covered for £5,000 in case of cancellation, £5 million for overseas medical expenses and should there be an emergency you’ll get help 24 hours of the day.

Another great idea which, yes, you guessed it, is also included in the price is ID fraud assistance and protection. This means your internet connection is monitored around the clock (perfect for things like online banking). Plus, personal assistance is available to help you stop this type of crime happening in your home.

Now, last but definitely not least Direct Line has the home insurance policy detailed below. In my opinion, this is really worth having if you’re lucky enough to own a property that needs some heavy duty insurance!

Select Premier Direct Line Home Insurance

Bear in mind that both buildings and contents insurance are available with this policy, but it does START at £100,000. As Direct Line say, this is the perfect insurance for high value homes. So, what else do you get?

  • Of course new for old is available if you need items replacing, but the difference with this policy is covers you worldwide.
  • You get your very own dedicated account manager.
  • Instead of £500 for emergencies, you get £750 and there is no excess to pay.
  • If, at this stage you’re wondering about your jewellery or art collection – don’t! Anything of this sort worth over £10,000 is covered as part of the policy.

Other Benefits

Like many other home insurance companies, Direct Line offer discounts when you apply online, and in most cases this can be as much as 20%. There are also loads of optional extras to choose from. In fact, if you decide you would like a particular policy but it doesn’t quite meet your needs Direct Line will do their best to help – Just don’t expect Mr. Wolf to be on the other end of the line!




Churchill Home Insurance Review

It doesn’t seem to matter where you live in the UK these days; there are all sorts of issues that arise that a few years ago were unheard of. Most notably, flooding! We have endured some of the wettest summers and harshest winters since records began and, this had an impact on how insurance companies look at making sure your bricks and mortar are protected.

This is where Churchill home insurance comes in. They have recognised the new dangers that face homeowners and have addressed it (more on that in a minute). They also know that it’s not just a tree through the roof or, a garage completely destroyed that can cause distress! This company pays just as much attention to the inside of your home and what’s precious to you.

Churchill also know that every home insurance policy is different (just like people) and whilst you will find information here that tells you the basics, don’t be afraid to give them a call if you have a slightly unusual request.

Buildings Insurance

The best thing about the policies with Churchill is they won’t leave you homeless! If you have to leave your property while repairs take place, Churchill will kindly put you up somewhere so you have a roof over your head. Oh, and if you have cats and dogs, they’ll make sure they’re well looked after as well.

Their buildings insurance will cover your main building, garage and shed from all things “Godly”. If you suffer damage through a storm, flood (from the inside or out) or a fire you can be rest assured you’re covered. You can even take out policies that protect you from vandalism and subsidence.

What’s covered as Standard?

Below are some basic details about what’s covered and for how much:

  • Buildings Cover up to £500,000
  • Property Owner’s Liability up to £2,000,000
  • Accommodation for you (and your pets) up to £25,000
  • Emergency entries up to £1,000

You will also be covered for accidental damage (if this is taken out as an optional extra). For example, if you have someone in your home who is keen on DIY and is say, working in the attic only for you to witness a foot appear in the ceiling above you, Churchill won’t punish you for this. The same can be said for those of you that have to put up with someone who loves to use their tools around the home. If, for instance a nail is hammered into the wall and it bursts a water or gas pipe, you can also make a claim (after you’ve given your other half a good telling off, again)! You will even be covered for accidents that can occur in the garden.

Contents Insurance

This is just as important as protecting the structural part of your home. There are many possessions that are held dear to you and, if these are damaged you need to know they’re well protected. Again, the options with Churchill go above and beyond what many other companies offer.

It’s not just about carpets, furniture and household appliances. Churchill knows that other valuables such as money, jewellery, keys, works of art or any other collection you may have should be well protected.

In Addition you can also benefit from the following:

  • Items kept in your garden.
  • The contents of your freezer if someone (who is still to admit it) accidentally turns off the power or, you lose power long enough for everything to de-frost.
  • Theft from your garage or other out-buildings.
  • Contents of your home that have been temporarily moved somewhere else. This is a particularly useful option if your teen has just moved into student digs and you get a phone call telling you the laptop has been destroyed!
  • Churchill will even cover the loss of items that are in transit from your home.

You should be aware that some of the benefits mentioned are part of the optional extras that Churchill offers however; this is what makes them such a special insurance company. Perhaps you don’t have children who are going to take items out of the home? In which case, you won’t need this option as part of your policy.

The fact is it doesn’t matter what your needs are in terms of home insurance. Churchill has all sorts of options available to you. You can take out family legal protection, home emergency cover and you can even protect that precious bicycle you’ve spent hundreds of pounds on whether a problem happens when it’s at home or not.

Churchill is not just a company with a nodding dog that says “oh yes” it’s a true insurance company that strives to say “oh yes” to all its customers no matter what their needs are.



Aviva Home Insurance Review

OK, so you’ve finally got yourself a cup of tea, sat down in front of your computer and you’ve decided it’s time to get on with the dreaded task of finding some home insurance. Not only have you been putting this off because it’s considered one of those tasks that’s time consuming and boring, but you’re worried about becoming confused over which is the best deal for you.

Help is here! In the form of Aviva Home insurance. This is possibly one of the biggest companies in the UK and for good reason. The advertising campaigns on T.V. can be a little irritating (unless you’re a fan of Paul Whitehouse), but the message is clear. They can give you comprehensive cover that will help with just about any problem, and at competitive rates.

The Basics of the Policies Aviva Offer

Anyone looking for home insurance will have two main things in mind. The building itself and the contents within, with Aviva you can expect the following:

  • No claims discount of up to 40% (if you don’t make a claim for at least 5 years).
  • A saving of up to 20% when you buy online (where would we be without the internet)!
  • Prices from as little as £139 – do be careful; the lowest rate will always only give you the most basic policy.
  • A personal claim manager. This is something that’s really important because making a claim can be a real headache. With Aviva you’ll deal with the same person from start to finish.
  • Should you need a tradesperson (where are those keys)?! Someone will be on their way within 2 hours of you calling them.
  • A UK line for claims that’s open 24/7 yes, that means Christmas Day as well!
  • Replacement locks if yours are lost or stolen.

Oh, and just to blow Aviva’s “trumpet”, they were winners of the Institute of Customer Service Quality Monitoring & Customer Focus award in 2012.

Standard Policy Features

This will include both buildings and contents however; your building will only be covered for fire, theft, or floods. In the case of floods, check with them about the area you live in. Due to the weather conditions we’ve been experiencing, Aviva may have certain conditions in place.

When it comes to your contents, just about everything is covered from your precious jewellery collection to the contents of your freezer but it’s wise to check the value limits. If you have something that’s worth a large amount of money, this may need a specialist clause in your policy.

Optional Extras

Aviva know that it’s not enough to just offer a “one fits all” policy. Everyone is different and so are there needs for home insurance. This is why you can opt for optional extras, listed below are some of them:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Protected no claims
  • Personal belongings in or out of the house
  • Legal services
  • Home Emergency
  • Additional garden cover
  • Pedal cycles (this one sounds a bit old fashioned but it has to be termed that way or people would assume their precious Harley Davidson is insured).

Of course, the list above is just a summary, there is more to what each will give you and the prices vary depending on what you want so, just because I’ve said “accidental damage”, this will have its restrictions.

Why You Should Use Aviva’s Online Service

This one is easy, it will save you money! Not only that, they have some neat little extras on their website that will make getting a quote much easier. All the questions you have can be answered and if you don’t find what you’re looking for Aviva pride themselves on how rapidly they answer the phone.

They even have a handy little contents value calculator which means you can complete a form on the website detailing the items you have. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re going to be there for hours counting out all the vintage silver knives and forks you have! You just simply select the rooms you have, pop in a total value and the calculator does the rest.

You can renew your policy on their website and get this; you don’t have to go through some long winded registration process. Just pop your policy number and last name in, check you’ll get your discount and pay, easy!

You can also change your policy but for obvious reasons this will require a registration process. Aviva are not in the habit of letting their customers go without finding out why but, at least they will give you this option without spending hours on the phone speaking to various customer service reps that don’t have the answers you’re looking for.

In Conclusion

Enough said! Aviva has one of the most comprehensive home insurance packages going, and at the very least, it’s worth getting a quote.

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