Aviva Car Insurance Overview

I’ll drive (sorry, dive) straight in and tell you how much I like the Aviva car insurance website. Having used it personally, I can safely say it’s a got an easy to follow layout, is quick and (especially in my case), is simple! I’m not the sort of person to sing the praises of a company if they’re no good. In fact, I’m probably better known for complaining. However, credit where credit is due, and in my opinion if you’re looking for car insurance, Aviva are the company to take a serious look at.

First of all, (and I don’t know about you) but time is precious these days. Thinking about it, the saying “time is money” was never truer than it is today, which is why I don’t want to spend most of my day looking for some car insurance. What’s great about Aviva is you only have to follow a few steps (just 6 in fact) so you can get a quote. When I used them, it took less than 5 minutes for me to get a price so, I was happy right from the beginning.

For those of you who don’t have access to the internet 24/7, you’ll get just as quick a response on the phone, and they’re easy enough to track down (just check your business directory) or ask the next-door neighbour! The chances are they’ll have used them as well. Just so I can back-up what I have to say, I spoke to them on the phone, and the staff were friendly to the point of being happy to pass the time of day rather than whizz you through the process and grab your card details.

I also found the staff to be knowledgeable about the product I was after (in this case, car insurance), and all the questions I had were answered without be being stuck on hold while they check with a colleague! They’re also more than willing to guide you through step by step if it happens to be your first time buying car insurance (I know this because I sat with my little sister while she put them through the ringer)!

So, what do you get with Aviva car insurance? Well, read on and you’ll find out:

Types of Car Insurance Polices Aviva Offer

I want you to know that when I say you should consider a fully comprehensive car policy, that’s my personal opinion and not the guys at Aviva. Call me cautious but I feel a lot better knowing I’m covered no matter what happens when I’m out on the road or parked at my local supermarket.

Right, that’s my “soap box” bit done! On to the good stuff – the sort of policies Aviva car insurance offer and what can expect from them:

Third Party Fire and Theft (Or for text speakers – TPFT)

If you don’t like bullet points, look away now!

  • The obvious benefit with this type of car policy is your car is covered if it’s damaged due to (you guessed it), fire or theft. It also covers you if you lose your vehicle well, let’s not wrap it up in cotton wool – if your car is stolen. One thing to remember if the idea of a brand-new car is going through your mind, is you will only get the current market value by way of replacement so, no Aston Martin for you!
  • Audio equipment like your radio or CD player is also covered but as with replacement of the whole vehicle, you won’t be able to claim for a gold-plated music device! If you’re interested in how much you get, it’s up to £100.
  • Surprisingly (well, it surprised me anyway), Aviva will make sure you’re not left stranded if poor “metal mickey” has to go into the garage half way through taking you to work. So, if you thought the excuse “I won’t be at work today, by car broke down” is going to get you an impromptu day off, think again. Basically, if you are involved in an accident, a kindly representative will pay you a visit. If they can fix the problem, all well and good. If not, “mickey” will be taken to an approved repairer whilst you’re carted off to work! Oh, and you won’t have to make your way to the garage when the car is ready because Aviva will make sure it’s delivered back to your home address.
  • If you’re damaged or, indeed, any of your passengers are in an accident, Aviva third party fire and theft insurance policies will cover all of you for emergency medical treatment if you need it.

My Favourite – The Aviva Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy


Forgive me for mentioning this again, but for the few extra pounds it will cost, I will always favour a fully comprehensive policy over any other, and when you read what Aviva’s comes with, I’m betting you’ll agree!

Of course, you’ll get everything I’ve mentioned in the TPFT insurance policy along with the following:

  • So, your week hasn’t got off to a great start because your car has been written off! You’re ok which is the main thing but what do you think next? Woohoo! I’ve got Aviva car insurance and they’ll give me a new one ‘cos mine is “pining for the fjords”. Well, don’t open the champagne too soon because although they will give you a new car, it will be the same make and model. Plus, it will also be the same year. So, yet again no Aston Martin for you!
  • Not quite so bad, but still VERY annoying is if someone decides to bash your windscreen and/or windows in. It could also be that you’ve been in an accident and the only damage is to the glass. If so, Aviva will replace the lot!
  • Medical attention is often needed straight after an accident, and this company are no different to many others in that they’ll cover you for it. However, injuries like whiplash don’t always rear their ugly heads straight away. Unlike a lot of other insurers, Aviva car insurance will cover medical expenses for injuries that take their time to show.
  • Lost or Stolen, yet another REALLY annoying thing to happen. It doesn’t matter if your keys have decided to go into hiding, or you have personal items stolen from your car, this insurance policy will cover you for it. That said, make sure you check what items are covered because there are limits. One benefit worth mentioning is that if your keys are replaced, you won’t have to pay to get your locks changed because this is covered as well.
  • The biggie – No claims discount! We all love no claims discounts. After all, it can save us a shed load of cash when we have to renew car insurance. What’s great about Aviva is it’s not just you that benefits. Any named driver on the policy can accumulate some no claims as well.
  • Keeping your kids safe is paramount when you’re out in the car which is why all parents make sure they have the appropriate child seat. Well, Aviva haven’t forgotten you, and if you child’s seat is damaged in a fire or accident or, (why, why, why) is stolen! Aviva will give you a whopping £100 so you can get a new one.
  • If you’re an avid DIY’er and don’t like to be far away from your tools, you’ll be covered if something happens to them. For obvious reasons, this only covers non-powered tools for personal use and not business. If you need cover for business tools, Aviva have other policies to help you with that.
  • Grrrrr……uninsured drivers – don’t they just get under your skin! When this first became a problem in the UK, it took car insurance companies a little by surprise. However, Aviva have been quick to catch on and will protect you from this. Remember to keep your head after an accident though (no pun intended), because you will need the registration, make of the vehicle, and the driver’s details. Provide Aviva with this information and your no claims discount will be protected, plus any excess you’ve had to pay is refunded back.

It’s Not Just Halifax That Give a Little Extra!

As we all know, car insurance can cost an “arm and a leg” (again, no pun intended) but believe me when I say Aviva can offer policies for as little as £200! If you think you’ll be treated like you’re only spending a small amount with them, don’t! Aviva have fantastic customer service, and will always make you feel like you’re the only one they’re dealing with. I should know because I deal with them.

It’s also no secret that multi-car insurance polices are becoming ever more popular, and this company are no exception. If you take out cover like this, you can expect to save up to 20%! In my humble opinion, it’s worth getting on the website just to see that in black and white.  They don’t just stop there with the little extras either. If you’re in a hurry or need your cover note pronto, they have a system where you can print one off straight from the website. If you want to, you can even manage your account online, and when it’s time to renew go to them before anyone-else as they’re always keen to keep your business without compromising on service.

Oh, and if you’re over 50 (sorry youngsters), you can expect to save up to £165. If you’re starting to think Aviva are ageist, don’t! It doesn’t matter how old you are (well, old enough to drive obviously), if you buy car insurance online there are all sorts of deals to be had.


I can’t rant on enough about how good Aviva are. Considering they’re in one of the most competitive industries in the UK (and one of the most cut throat), they really stand out from the crowd for me. They’re customer service is second to none, so you’ll be left feeling like you’ve spoken to a real person instead of a machine. The people who work in customer service are clearly not target driven because there’s no “hard sell” and you won’t be coerced into buying something that won’t suit you.

Plus, 9 times out of 10 you’ll get the answer to your question because no-one is put on the customer “front line” unless they know what they’re talking about. There are certainly no “I’ll just check with the manager” comments at this company. Aviva may not be the oldest insurance company on the market, but they’ve been around long enough to understand what their customers want – and they’re committed to delivering!

I wouldn’t go elsewhere, and I feel safe in the knowledge that should anything go wrong while I’m “put-putting” about in my car I have a company behind me who will make sure I don’t suffer any additional stress. The impression I get is (unusually for an insurance company) that they really want to deal with the same customers year after year.  Although, you won’t be left out if you’re a “first time” buyer. The car insurance deals you’ll find at Aviva for new customers are some of the best on the market, especially if you’ve just got your first car.

All in all, I think Aviva car insurance is at least worth a look when you’re on the hunt for a policy like this. Their website is easy to navigate, it’s not hard to find a number and speak to a real person if that’s what you need, and they will save you money on your car insurance.

Everyone knows how important it is to make sure you’re insured on the roads, and the easier and more cost effective it is for the consumer, the more likely we are to make the right decision and get protected. Aviva know this. You only have to look at the fact they have a 5-star rating from Defaqto to understand just how good they are!


The Black Box Debate

Since this is a website dedicated to insurance, you might be forgiven for thinking I’m about to go on about airplanes and their black boxes. However, that’s not the aim of this piece. In fact, I’m going to ask some questions about the “black box” that’s becoming ever more popular in peoples’ cars.

We’ve all seen the ads on TV about how you can save money on your insurance if you agree to have one of these “gadgets” fitted. If you haven’t – where have you been? Actually, you may not own a TV in which case, why? Anyway, I digress.

The Life of a Black Box

This little piece of kit is installed into your car (with your permission), we’re not quite at the “big brother is watching” stage with car insurance companies yet. Once installed, it sends signals back to your chosen company so they know how safely you’re driving.

For instance, it will tell them if you’re breaking safely, are keeping within the speed limit and other areas of your driving such as how well you corner or what type of roads you use. Some will even give the location of your vehicle which can be very handy if some unscrupulous so-and-so decides they would like a car for free!

So now you know what the black box does what’s the debate all about? Here goes:

The Pros

If you’re a young driver and let’s face it, late teens to mid-twenties is an age bracket most companies are highly wary of, you can benefit from upfront discounts, rewards throughout the life of your policy and there are even some companies that will cover the cost of initial installation.

Other types of driver that can benefit from this telematic system are those who have just qualified to drive or people who have points on their licence. It can even help those of you who are being allowed back to the roads after a ban.

In short, it is possible to save a fair bit of money when taking out a policy like this.

The Cons

Of course, if you turn out to be a pretty “bad” driver and remember this is based on the types of data your insurance company collects, you might not save any money at all. If you’re someone who covers a lot of miles this might not be the right system for you either. Obviously, the more miles you do, the higher risk you are.

One thing I’ve come across that neither customer nor company appears to have thought about is what if there’s a fault with the black box? Ah Ha! I draw upon the experience of a young lady. She discovered the box wasn’t registering her breaking and it got to the point where her insurance company said they were going to cancel the policy.

So far, I haven’t found any information that “covers” a potential fault so this could be the deal breaker for a lot of people. My advice?

Consider this type of car insurance but make sure you understand what can happen if the data produced doesn’t meet the standards required by your chosen company.

Travel Chaos – Why Didn’t I Get Insurance!

If you’re a regular visitor to our blog section, I thank you. If you’re not, the reason you’ve likely picked up on this post is because you’ve been affected by the downfall of one of the UK’s oldest and largest airlines – Monarch.

When the news hit the headlines my first thought was how can this have possibly happened? My second thought was “thank God I’m not travelling with them”. This may sound selfish and I suppose it is, so after feeling more than a tad guilty my thoughts turned to the people who have been directly affected by this travel nightmare.

As we all know, the media are very good at seeking out the worst-case scenarios and they didn’t disappoint! My heart went out to the couple who had arranged for the bride, groom, family and friends all totalling something like 30 people to fly to the continent for their wedding. What awaited them at the airport could not have been foretold no matter what you think can go wrong just before getting married.

You got it – they couldn’t fly because all the flights had been cancelled and there didn’t appear to be a contingency plan in place to help them. I can’t imagine how they must have felt and are still feeling now. This is where I would like to “ram” home, yet again, the importance of travel insurance. Sure, insurance companies can’t stop airlines like Monarch “taking a dive” never to return. After all, they’re not miracle workers but they can ease the blow.

Getting Married Abroad

If you plan on getting married abroad I’m hoping one of the first jobs on your list is to get some insurance for the trip. In other words, travel insurance that’s tailored to weddings. Many people will think about the obvious mishaps that can occur such as:

  • The rings are lost by the best man after a “2-day bender”.
  • The photographer contracts some mystery stomach bug and can’t make it.
  • For the ladies out there, your dress is ruined when someone spills a glass of red wine on it during the flight.

However, would any of us think about the fact a whole airline could go bust? I doubt it. So, what can you do?

Check Your Travel Insurance Policy

Practically all travel insurance companies include policies that will protect everything I’ve mentioned above and more BUT make sure you check EXACTLY what’s covered when it comes to the flights, especially if the airline goes out of business.

Some companies state they will cover the following:

  • Scheduled airline failure
  • Airline failure
  • Or even simply – “cancellation”

It occurred to me that in a perfect world you would be able to take these phrases at face value but, we don’t live in a perfect world. So (and I count myself among the people who might make this mistake), instead of thinking “it says cancellation” and an airline like Monarch going out of business counts as cancellation, DOUBLE CHECK!


I feel for all the people who have been affected by the travel chaos that emerged in the news yesterday, especially those who did take out insurance only to find they’re not covered. A lesson is certainly there to be learned by all of us no matter if you’re getting married or just taking a well-earned holiday.

All of this said, I’m sure we can expect to see some changes in the type of travel policies we see on the market so watch this space!


What Type of Life Insurance Do I Need?

Duh! I hear you say, life insurance is just that – you insure your life. All that’s needed (as the T.V ads will tell you) is to make a phone call or fill a form in online, choose how much you’d like to pay and bam! Your life is insured.

The trouble is it’s not that simple (surprise, surprise) and getting the right cover for your own personal circumstances can cause a headache no amount of aspirin will shift. In the following few words I’m hoping to allay any confusion you’re currently going through over what might be the most important insurance document you ever purchase.


Some of you reading this might be thinking “I’m not going to be here to enjoy the pay-out so why should I insure my life”? Well, if you have a spouse, children or anyone-else close to you who depends on you financially (no matter how much), they’re going to need some help if you’re suddenly not around.

It could be you need to protect a mortgage, make sure there’s money for a funeral or need to protect the family income, so that’s “why”!


Yep, I finally got there! This is where the headaches can start, but I aim to keep it simple. Just bare the following terms in mind:

Term Assurance – When you’re searching for a policy, you will come across this but think about what it means for you and your family. Basically, you decide how much you pay and how long for. What you must remember is there’s a time clock put on your life. If you die within the specified amount of time – AOK, if you don’t, NOT AOK! If the last situation occurs, no money will be paid out AND you don’t get the premiums either.

Decreasing Term – If you come across this and think the premiums are a safe bet because they get lower as time goes by (which they do, hence the name decreasing) make sure you’re getting cover for the right thing. For instance, if you have a mortgage this type of cover will probably work for you because your payments will reduce over the years. In fact, this sort of cover will do for any type of loan that’s not likely to rise in value.

Level Term – Having been through the above, you’ve probably guessed this type of life insurance policy keeps the same premiums throughout and will give a lump sum once you’re no longer on the planet. This is a good option to go for if you have an interest only mortgage which doesn’t have an insurance policy currently attached to it for example, an endowment.

This one is also worth thinking about if you trust your nearest and dearest to invest a lump sum wisely so they don’t struggle in later life. If you think they’re likely to disappear off to Las Vegas for a couple of weeks, it might be worth thinking about a “family income” policy. This way, the income you currently receive won’t change if you’re not around.

Fingers crossed, this has given you some ideas and made the whole job a bit easier on that grey matter. Just remember, it is worth having life insurance because one of the only things that’s guaranteed in life is it will eventually end. I know that’s blunt but it is true.

Home Insurance – You Can Save Money!

Pah! I hear you say, how can it be possible to save money on home insurance? Well, I’m going to tell you (or there would be little point in the title to this blog). Let me start by saying that if you don’t have this type of insurance that’s fine, if you don’t have a home to protect! If you do, this little piece of paper might save you a fortune.

Owning your own home well, having a mortgage is a huge commitment especially these days and if something goes wrong with your bricks and mortar, it could break you financially if you’re not properly protected. It might seem like I’m being a bit of a drama queen but ask yourself this, could you afford to replace a roof or rebuild your kitchen because the boiler blew up? The answer for many is no.

Now I’ve finished lecturing you on why home insurance is important, let me give you a few tips on how you can save some money on the premiums:

Contents Insurance

It’s wise to take a close look at this particular part of your policy because there might be some savings to be had on your premium. For instance, if you have a minimalist approach to your decor there isn’t much point in being insured for well over £100,000!

Renovate, Renovate!

Some people are attracted to properties that need, shall we say, “a little work” simply because the initial price tends to be lower. However, bear in mind that out of date electrics, leaky roofs and old plumbing can push your monthly payments up.

Where You Live

OK, some of you can’t do anything about this because you’re already committed to a mortgage, but if you’re on the market think about the area you’re going to live in. As we all know weather in the UK is on the change and has been for a number of years. Oddly enough (or maybe not), our country has become an awful lot wetter which results in? Yes, floods! If you can, avoid areas where your home is at risk of water damage due to the river at the bottom of your garden breaking its banks!

You should also avoid areas that are not unlike a war zone! Insurance companies do take the current crime rates into account and this could also result in you paying more for your home insurance. If you are in a higher crime rate area, install an alarm system (your insurance broker will thank you for it).

Speaking of brokers, you might want to avoid them because, well, they’re the middle man and need to make money as well.

A Couple of Obvious Tips

Don’t take out insurance with a view to claiming every time something goes wrong that you can afford to fix without any financial assistance. Some companies operate a “claim free” policy which helps keep your payments down. Think of it as a reward for being a careful customer.

I leave the most obvious tip until last – check your home insurance policy each time it’s due for renewal. Things change and it could be that you’re currently covered for something you no longer need.




Bye, Bye Health – Hello Gap Year

Bye, Bye Health – Hello Gap Year

The above title might sound a little shall we say, “stuffy” however there is a serious message behind it. Many people of all ages (yes, of all ages) will be looking forward to a gap year and spending it in their home country is the last thing on their minds. Sure, it’s all very exciting working out what places you’re going to visit, how you’re going to get there and what mad activities you can do while you’re away.

BUT! And there is a big but. You might think “it will never happen to me” or “it’s too expensive to take out travel insurance”. After all, you’re going to need all those extra pennies for the parties you’ll be attending and the day trips you have planned. Let me stop you right there! You might not know it, but there are policies on the market designed specifically for backpackers and they won’t break the bank.

If you’re still not convinced travel insurance is a good idea, think about it this way. You decide to take someone up on the offer of a bungee jump (something you’ve always wanted to cross off your bucket list). You’ve looked into the most reputable company you can find to help you achieve this moment of pure adrenalin and believe nothing can go wrong.

Nine times out of ten if won’t however, if it does and you don’t have the right travel insurance in place, you could be looking at bills in excess of £20,000! I know parents will do anything for their children including re-mortgaging their homes but do you really want to bankrupt them in the process, and all for the sake of saving £90-100? I’m guessing the answer is no. So, now I’ve managed to help you think about the dark side of travelling let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can get from a backpackers travel insurance policy:

What You Get

  • Cancellation – This can be a major headache especially if you’ve pre-booked flights etc. Most travel policies will cover you if you’re unable to travel due to illness or some other emergency.
  • The big one! Medical Expenses – This isn’t just about being able to have your leg put in plaster. Insurance companies go the whole way. They offer cover for a stay in hospital, general medical treatment, travel costs and even flights home.
  • Again, a big one! Personal Injury – Yes, the chances are you’ll never have to face a life changing accident but if you do and are not covered the outcome could be horrendous financially. If you do happen to sustain a life changing disability there are insurance companies out there who will pay a lump sum.
  • Personal Injury – This isn’t to you, it’s to someone else. We live in an age now where suing one another for injuries sustained is commonplace and it’s not just limited to the UK so, it’s worth having a travel policy that covers this too.
  • Belongings – You may think you’re going to travel light but you’ll still need money, passport, your precious tablet and/or mobile phone and a whole host of other valuables so get them covered.

Travel but Stay Healthy

I have touched on other areas of travel insurance when you’re going away during a gap year but your health is something you cannot replace so protect it the best way you can. The last thing you need is to be stuck in the “back and beyond” without any help.


Help! I Need To Make an Insurance Claim

Help! I Need To Make an Insurance Claim

OK, so we don’t all take out insurance in the “hope” we might one day be able to make a claim. For those of you who have landed on this page with the intention of taking out a policy specifically for that reason, I suggest you look elsewhere! For those of you who are in a pickle because that 100 year old oak tree has just crashed through the roof of your home, or you’ve come back from a hard day at work to a flood in your kitchen….read on.

The Obvious

OK, this is obvious. Make sure you’re insured! Before you navigate away from this article because of an insult to your intelligence, think about it. Many people blindly take out an insurance policy and just renew each year without thinking about any changes that may have occurred. So, when I say make sure you’re insured what I mean is that before you go ahead and renew, take into account anything that may have changed from the previous year.  In fact, it’s worth checking if you get something new for your home or something changes with your car before your policy is due for renewal.

Don’t Panic

Panicking comes easy when you have a disaster that seems like it will end the world, believe me, I’ve been there! So instead of doing something like a “keystone cop” dance head to where you keep your emergency numbers (being the sensible one in the household you’ll know exactly where that is).

Make a call to the insurance company and (calmly as you can) explain the situation. This will set a few wheels in motion. If you’ve chosen the right insurance company, they will act straight away especially if you have an oak tree in your living room!

Non- Emergency Situations

Maybe your cat has had a “mad 5 minutes” and ended up breaking that precious Ming vase which has been passed down through the family or, your garden shed fell down. In this situation there shouldn’t be any need for panic, well, there might be a need for the cat!

When you need to make an insurance claim that doesn’t require an immediate phone call to the company it’s best to make sure you have everything in place first. Policy documents should be to hand because they will contain pretty much everything you need. Think telephone number for claims and your policy number.

Once you’re happy you can make a claim before you call ensure you have all the facts about the incident correct. Insurance companies take a very dim view of not receiving the right information when their customers make a claim, and even an honest mistake can hold up replacement items or a cash payment.

Also remember you may be asked for receipts for items being claimed or invoices from a certain tradesman that assured you he had fixed your leaking pipes.


Make that call and be honest! If you’re not the chances are you will be found out and that will probably land you in hot water! Plus, you’ll have to mend that hole in the roof or replace your kitchen at your own cost.



Got a Weird Pet? You Can Get It Insured

Apologies if the title to this article has offended you, but let’s face it…some people might think having an “exotic” pet is kind of weird. Although, I don’t put myself in that bracket because I have an unhealthy interest in spiders and snakes! Just before I get onto the importance of exotic pet insurance, it may interest you to know that we in the UK were the first to look kindly upon these sometimes misunderstood creatures and so we were the first to branch out into this particular type of pet care.

Now that snippet of information is off my chest, I’ll give you an idea of why you should consider getting a document of insurance for your precious Mickey the Chameleon or Zippy the snake:

This type of animal is likely to cost a lot more to buy in the first place, and whilst I’m sure you love them just as much as say, a cat or dog you do have to think about the investment you’ve made. That said there are plenty of “normal” domestic pets that cost a small fortune!

If your pet does suffer an illness it’s probably not going to be as easy to treat as it would be a cat or dog, and could need more specialist attention which can also cost a pretty penny.

Because pets of this type can be rare they can be considered as somewhat of an attraction to would be thieves (God Forbid Mickey should ever go missing)!

These are just a select few reasons in addition to the insurance requirements for more common animals, but that doesn’t mean it’s all you can expect to get cover for. There are a number of companies on the market who will cover you for death (again, God Forbid poor Mickey) or long-term illness.

Is Exotic Pet Insurance Easy to Find?

If you’re looking for this type of pet insurance for the first time, you might be surprised to know it’s not that difficult to find. Many companies have recognised that offering cover for the less common types of pet is actually a pretty untapped market albeit more specialised.

Many of the household insurance names are now offering various policies for all types of pet and it’s not just limited to the little ones we keep indoors. If you have a horse, pet pig or even a goat it’s possible to get some insurance.

Types of Policy

As with cats and dogs, you can get pet cover for your scaly or feathered friends which will cover vet fees as well as theft or (and I hope this never happens), death. Of course, you do have to accept that exotic pets come in all forms from reptile to mammals and some species will need specialist care. With that in mind, make sure you discuss at length what your requirements are.

As an “out of the box” pet owner don’t think you’re being singled out anymore because there are pet insurance policies’ out there tailored to meet you and your pets’ needs.

Insurance – Know what You’re Getting Into!

For the majority of people who live in the UK, counting the pennies is top of the list. However, there are times when you simply can’t cut corners. For example motor insurance is a big no-no when it comes to seeking out those so called “super deals”. I’m not saying you shouldn’t shop around when looking for any type of policy because there are plenty of companies out there who have reputations second to none.

But! There are also plenty of shady dealers out there who are willing to sell you something that, quite frankly, isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Some of you reading this may think “surely not” but I assure you they are out there and they’re costing both customer and company millions upon millions every day!

So, what is it you should look out for? Let’s start with the obvious Do’s and Don’ts…..


Make sure the company you decide to go with is a registered member of any governing bodies required. In respect of motor insurance for instance, they should be a member of the Motor Insurers Bureau or the MIB.

If you intend to use a broker, they should be on the Financial Services Register.

It may seem like a more expensive option but stick to companies you’ve heard of and do your research before passing over any of your hard earned cash. Oh, and by the way (BTW for all you text speak people out there) make sure any website you’re looking at is genuine. One way to tell this is by checking they’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. If you have any doubts, and I mean ANY there are numbers you can call.


OK, this might sound silly but if you’re contacted about insurance by someone through any type of social media site, the chances are they’re not the real deal.

It also goes without saying that if you come across someone in your local pub with what looks like a bunch of official insurance documents in their inside pocket, you’re not dealing with a person who has legitimacy on their mind!

You Shouldn’t Cut Corners Because…..

Imagine this? You think your car is properly insured and you have a prang (nothing serious) but the police attend the accident. If you’re found to be carrying fake documents the chances are the long arm of the law isn’t going to be too pleased!

You might even find yourself being questioned over your own attitude to being a law abiding citizen. All sorts of things can go wrong and you might even end up with your precious Vinnie the Vauxhall being imprisoned or worse still….squashed!!


We hear plenty in the media about how certain “undesirables” are pushing up the cost of insurance by making false claims, but the problem is just has huge on the other side of the fence. Remember that just because there is a friendly looking dog or some other legitimate looking logo on the paperwork you’ve been sent, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got real documents.

Oh, and if you hear the words “ghost broking”…head for the hills!




Insurance and Moving Home

What’s the first comment most people make when they hear you’re moving home? That’s right, “it’s one of the most stressful things you can do”. Less than helpful isn’t it! However it is true and anything you can do, no matter if it’s your first or 100th move is to make sure you reduce the amount of stress you have to go through. But how I hear you cry! Well, apart from reaching for a large glass of wine (or something stronger) when you’re faced with a mountain of packing, it’s wise to ensure you don’t have to worry about your belongings when they’re not with you.

Home Insurance

Of course, you will already have home insurance and if you haven’t perhaps you should read some of the information we have on our website. It’s not there just because we like to teach people to “suck eggs”, it’s there to protect you from any of those precious items being damaged or stolen.

If you have home insurance it’s unlikely your policy will cover you when you’re moving home. Part of the reason for this is if companies did there would be no need for the guys (or gals) who offer goods in transit insurance (more on that below). Another reason is when you move, your belongings are neither here nor there until they meet their intended destination i.e. not at home!

So, the moral of this little section of our blog is DON’T think that just because your items are covered when indoors, they’ll be covered when they take a short (or long) trip! That said, it’s always worth talking to your chosen firm because they might just be able to handle what you’re looking for and potentially far cheaper than anyone else (add it to your to do list).

Goods in Transit

Most of us will need to use a removal company when we’re on the move with our belongings and its imperative (that’s REALLY IMPORTANT) that you check they’re insured. Even your average man with a van should be able to show the relevant documents required so if they do happen to smash Grandma’s Ming vase you will at least be able to recover the cost.

Do remember at this point that you can’t put a price on sentimental items that could end up with a crack or two. If you have to entrust these to a removal company, make sure you explain how important (and valuable) certain belongings are.

One other piece of advice is to trust your gut! If you have the slightest doubt the company you’re talking to won’t do “what is says on the tin (on wheels)” forget them and move on to the next. Likewise, it’s also worth talking to other people who have used them.

Don’t Go Cheap

If a removal company tell you they’ll beat any price, and they can do any date you like there might be a reason for this….they’re either dodgy or don’t have a lot of business on their hands! Instead, get two or three quotes you can compare and go with the one that makes you feel most comfortable. After all, these are your precious things and need to be protected. If you follow some, (hopefully all) of the tips above you can at least strike one stress of your list when moving home.


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