Benefits Alliance Travel Insurance Review

If you’ve never heard of Benefits Alliance travel insurance, the first thing you should know is this company is the trading name of General Insurance UK (maybe the penny has dropped now)! Apart from knowing who they are you’re more than likely interested in finding out how they can help with travel insurance. After all, why would you be reading this blog otherwise?

The fact is that when you delve deeper into what this company is willing to cover, it’s probably one of the most comprehensive on the market and I’ll bet it will have you thinking it’s too good to be true once you’ve finished reading this. Of course, you could just skip to the sub-headings that are relevant to you, but you might just miss something you hadn’t thought about.

When you visit the Benefits Alliance website, and I hope you do even if it’s just to double check the information I’ve given you, you will find the set-up is so simple even a child could understand it. You don’t have to click on various links just to find out what type of travel “mishaps” are covered, it’s all there right in front of you. The only clicking you might have to do is when you want detailed information on a travel insurance policy that interests you. Even then, it’s as simple as downloading a PDF file so it’s a no frills, easy to understand website.

With that out of the way, let’s get on to what you can expect from the travel insurance policies Benefits Alliance has to offer. Oh, and I’ve taken the liberty of using their numbering system (hopefully it won’t upset the MD)!

A1 – Curtailment or cancellation

What this means is kind of obvious, but I’m guessing you’re more interested in how much you’re covered for. In fact, you will be surprised to know this company will cover you for up to £5,000!

A2 – Catastrophe

This title sounds a bit over the top, but all manner of things can go wrong when you’re travelling and I’ve yet to come across a company that will cover you for the “catastrophes” below:

  • Overall you can be covered for a number of things up to £750.
  • If you’re unlucky enough to be involved in a hijack of some sort (and in today’s world this is a possibility), Benefits Alliance will cover you.
  • Being mugged when you’re on holiday can be a horrendous experience, and money won’t always make things right, but it sure helps!
  • This one surprised me the most. Benefits Alliance will cover you if you’re a victim of air rage! This is something I had NEVER thought about, but when you consider how stressful flying is these days, it is a possibility. Not to mention that if you travel 1st class you could come across a rock star that has just about had enough!

For all of the above (except for the first point of course), you will be covered for up to £500, and get this – there’s no excess to worry about.

B & C – This section covers emergency medical treatment, expenses and hospital benefits.

If you opt to have this included in your travel policy you can expect to be covered for up to £3,500 if you need to cover accommodation or travel expenses as a result of illness, and (God Forbid) should someone lose their life the basic cover offers £1,000. However, I suggest you read the detailed information on their website because you can be covered for as much as £10,000.

D & E

This section deals with everything from travel delay to holiday abandonment and even takes your pets into consideration. Depending on what policy you choose, you could be covered for anything from £200 to £5,000.

F – Personal Accident

Whilst I try to put a humorous spin on many of the blogs I write, this is a pretty serious subject. You never know what life has waiting for you and Benefits Alliance has thought about this. This type of policy will cover you if you lose any limbs, are permanently disabled, or in the worst case scenario someone dies, cover is available up to £25,000.

The List Goes On….

I’m limited to the number of words I can use here, but when you visit this travel insurance company’s website, you’ll find their list of benefits goes well into the L’s. You can expect to be covered for your golf or skiing equipment. Loss of baggage, travel documents or other personal items, they’ll even help you out if you’re delayed because of an avalanche!

Plus, (and I MUST mention this one), if you’re intending to go on a golfing holiday, not only can you protect the equipment you have, if you get a hole in one Benefits Alliance will give you £100 for the bar bill! Now, you can’t say fairer than that can you!


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