Aviva Home Insurance Review

OK, so you’ve finally got yourself a cup of tea, sat down in front of your computer and you’ve decided it’s time to get on with the dreaded task of finding some home insurance. Not only have you been putting this off because it’s considered one of those tasks that’s time consuming and boring, but you’re worried about becoming confused over which is the best deal for you.

Help is here! In the form of Aviva Home insurance. This is possibly one of the biggest companies in the UK and for good reason. The advertising campaigns on T.V. can be a little irritating (unless you’re a fan of Paul Whitehouse), but the message is clear. They can give you comprehensive cover that will help with just about any problem, and at competitive rates.

The Basics of the Policies Aviva Offer

Anyone looking for home insurance will have two main things in mind. The building itself and the contents within, with Aviva you can expect the following:

  • No claims discount of up to 40% (if you don’t make a claim for at least 5 years).
  • A saving of up to 20% when you buy online (where would we be without the internet)!
  • Prices from as little as £139 – do be careful; the lowest rate will always only give you the most basic policy.
  • A personal claim manager. This is something that’s really important because making a claim can be a real headache. With Aviva you’ll deal with the same person from start to finish.
  • Should you need a tradesperson (where are those keys)?! Someone will be on their way within 2 hours of you calling them.
  • A UK line for claims that’s open 24/7 yes, that means Christmas Day as well!
  • Replacement locks if yours are lost or stolen.

Oh, and just to blow Aviva’s “trumpet”, they were winners of the Institute of Customer Service Quality Monitoring & Customer Focus award in 2012.

Standard Policy Features

This will include both buildings and contents however; your building will only be covered for fire, theft, or floods. In the case of floods, check with them about the area you live in. Due to the weather conditions we’ve been experiencing, Aviva may have certain conditions in place.

When it comes to your contents, just about everything is covered from your precious jewellery collection to the contents of your freezer but it’s wise to check the value limits. If you have something that’s worth a large amount of money, this may need a specialist clause in your policy.

Optional Extras

Aviva know that it’s not enough to just offer a “one fits all” policy. Everyone is different and so are there needs for home insurance. This is why you can opt for optional extras, listed below are some of them:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Protected no claims
  • Personal belongings in or out of the house
  • Legal services
  • Home Emergency
  • Additional garden cover
  • Pedal cycles (this one sounds a bit old fashioned but it has to be termed that way or people would assume their precious Harley Davidson is insured).

Of course, the list above is just a summary, there is more to what each will give you and the prices vary depending on what you want so, just because I’ve said “accidental damage”, this will have its restrictions.

Why You Should Use Aviva’s Online Service

This one is easy, it will save you money! Not only that, they have some neat little extras on their website that will make getting a quote much easier. All the questions you have can be answered and if you don’t find what you’re looking for Aviva pride themselves on how rapidly they answer the phone.

They even have a handy little contents value calculator which means you can complete a form on the website detailing the items you have. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re going to be there for hours counting out all the vintage silver knives and forks you have! You just simply select the rooms you have, pop in a total value and the calculator does the rest.

You can renew your policy on their website and get this; you don’t have to go through some long winded registration process. Just pop your policy number and last name in, check you’ll get your discount and pay, easy!

You can also change your policy but for obvious reasons this will require a registration process. Aviva are not in the habit of letting their customers go without finding out why but, at least they will give you this option without spending hours on the phone speaking to various customer service reps that don’t have the answers you’re looking for.

In Conclusion

Enough said! Aviva has one of the most comprehensive home insurance packages going, and at the very least, it’s worth getting a quote.

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