Admiral Car Insurance Review

We all know the ad on T.V. for Admiral Car Insurance and if you don’t well, you probably don’t watch television! It’s slightly irritating for some of us. I mean who thought of advertising insurance using cheap looking little Russian dolls! But just because it seems like the marketing department signed on the dotted line after a “liquid” lunch (and a long one at that), it doesn’t mean that what this company has to offer isn’t something that could really save you money.

For a start Admiral has thought about everyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re young, on the slightly more mature end of life, want a policy of your own or a multi-car policy this company has something to offer. Plus, they’ve remembered the magic word – no not please or thank you – discounts!

So, let’s start with the benefits you can receive when you take out a motor insurance policy with Admiral:

  • Courtesy Cars – If your car needs to go to a garage Admiral will give you a car so you can still get around while yours is being repaired. However, this doesn’t mean you can send it off to your mates place so they get a bit of extra business, you will need to use one of Admiral’s approved garages.
  • No Claims Bonuses – Unlike like a lot of other companies on the market, Admiral offers a no claims discount system to ALL named drivers on your motor policy.
  • Legal Expenses – This is something we all need these days when looking for a motor policy (there are a lot of people on the roads just waiting to make a claim against you), so Admiral will give you up to £100,000 to help cover this.
  • Personal Injury Cover – God Forbid you should need this, but it is worth having and this company will give you £5,000 if you suffer some sort of personal injury.
  • European Cover – OK, so you only get 90 days worth of cover if you’re in Europe, that’s no surprise because lot’s of insurers offer this BUT the difference with Admiral is this is offered with all their policies.
  • Windscreen Cover – Again, no surprise but worth mentioning and you will have to pay an excess.
  • Car Stereo Cover – Amazing isn’t it how stereos seem to attract so many would-be thieves? Well, that’s why Admiral will cover you for up to £1,250 or 15% of the value of your car. Don’t expect to get the full £1,250 if you’re driving your first car that cost a few hundred pounds!
  • Personal Belongings – We all forget to take valuables out of our vehicles at times, and if you lose anything worth up to £100 or if it’s stolen, you’re covered.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Helpline – You’ll only get this with a comprehensive or third party fire and theft policy, but at least it means you can call them on Christmas Day if you breakdown!
  • Bonus Match – I like this option. If you add a second car to your motor policy, in most (not all) cases, Admiral will match the no claims bonus that vehicle already has.
  • Discounts – You can spread the cost of your policy by paying monthly however, if you choose to pay by debit or credit card you can save 10%. You can also save the same amount when you buy online.
  • Choice of Excess – Again, unlike many other vehicle insurance companies, there are a wide range of excesses to choose from.

So, those are pretty much all the benefits you can get with an Admiral Vehicle insurance policy and most of them are available on the single, multi-car and young drivers’ policies.

Speaking of young drivers….

Have you heard about “LittleBox”? It’s not exactly the coolest name in the world but at least Admiral is trying. What they have done with this system is made it possible to remove the stereotype that sticks to many young drivers.

A tiny device is fitted out of sight and measures how safely you drive. They’re not the first company to think about this type of policy, they’ve just given it a different name however; there are additional benefits you get with LittleBox you won’t get with other companies.

For example, the minute you’ve signed up to your policy you’re insured to drive. Admiral will then arrange for a technician to pay you a visit so the device can be installed, and they won’t charge you for this. Plus, you won’t be held to any curfews and you can choose how many miles you do (up to a maximum of 12,000).

This type of policy isn’t just for young drivers, anyone can take it out but it does help those of you who are new to the world of driving, and those of you that are finding it hard to get insured because of you’re age.

No stereotypes at Admiral, just great policies and lots of discounts!






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