About Us

We could go into all the technical reasons as to why you should use our website but, quite frankly, we think that’s just boring! We have been through a lot of sections like this on the internet, and quite honestly, can’t say that we’ve read the whole way through any of them.

The doesn’t mean we’re not going to tell you what we’re all about, we’re just going to try and make it a bit more interesting (comments most welcome if you’d like to make use of the contact section on our website).

OK, so it’s fairly obvious what we do at discount insurance cover. If you can’t work it out, maybe you’re in the wrong place! We aim to make sure you find the right insurance, and at the right price no matter what type you’re looking for. Because insurance is what some might see as one of those jobs you have to do, but tend to put it off because it’s not very interesting, confusing and often, well, a pain to do, we’ve tried to make things a little more light hearted for you.

At the same-time, we also understand that being insured is vitally important, especially when it comes to being on the road. The way things are in the UK these days, there is an ever increasing number of “undesirables” that think they can get away without paying a premium, and quite frankly, its people like you that suffer. Or is it?

We’re all about bringing not just the best prices to be found on the market, we’re about making sure you’re properly covered, and with a policy that suits you. It doesn’t matter if you need a group insurance policy, are a woman that needs something tailored to your specific needs or, if you’re a new driver who has yet to learn the words “speed limit”! We have companies on our website that can help.

It’s not just vehicle insurance either it can be any type of insurance you can think of. Home, pets and travel insurance deals can be found with us. You might be thinking at this point that we’re one of those comparison websites which are fine, but they don’t work for everyone. In fact, you can get even more confused when you’re looking for insurance in this way.

Instead we have decided to only use the largest and best known UK insurance companies that have established reputations. At the same-time, we’ll constantly update the information here so you don’t have to worry about what deals are around when you’re ready to renew a policy, or even if you’re looking for the first time.

In short, discount insurance cover is all about the customer and not the company. We hope you have managed to read this far without falling asleep, and we also hope you find our website informative and interesting. There’s a good deal of light humour to be found in our blog section after all, looking for insurance should be fun, not a chore!

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