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AA Travel Insurance Review

If you’re reading this the chances are you’re looking for travel insurance and bravo to you for doing so! If you’re reading this and you’re not looking for travel insurance but are going away, then DON’T go anywhere!

The Younger Generation

Too many people (especially the younger generation) don’t take out travel insurance when they go on holiday and there are a couple of reasons for this:

  • When you’re young you don’t think about falling ill. In fact, you think you’re pretty much invincible (I know I did).
  • You’re on a budget and the idea of shelling out some extra cash on insurance instead of keeping it tucked away for that emergency pint of beer really doesn’t “float your boat”.

Both of the reasons above are probably something that’s got your head nodding right now but, you have to remember that when you’re abroad just about anything can go wrong. For most of us it doesn’t but, what happens if you slip on the side of a swimming pool and suffer a massive gash that needs stitches? Or worse, you come down with some mystery illness that’s making you feel pretty unwell?

Well, both of these instances will mean you have to make a trip to the hospital and if you don’t have travel insurance you’re beer money will soon be no more!

The Older Generation

Now, this is a completely different story. You’re probably reading this because you’re more than interested in making sure you have enough insurance when you’re abroad but, there are things we all forget.

When you’re looking for a policy do not tell a fib about your health, if you do you, you might find that you need medical attention and your insurance won’t cover it. For those of you with more complicated health issues, make sure you explain everything. In fact, too much information is better.

It might cost you a bit more for the insurance but if you end up in hospital and you’re not covered, the cost of this will far outweigh the extra you have to pay in order to make sure you’re properly insured.

Why AA

We have advertised AA travel insurance on our website because they’re one of the oldest and best recognised companies in the UK. In the following few words you’re going to find out why you should consider taking a policy out with them when you travel.

For a start, they have policies that are tailored to suit just about any need out there. Below are some you can expect:

Single Trips

This policy will cover you for a trip abroad that is no longer than 185 days (lucky you if you can take a holiday for that long)! Here are some of the other benefits:

  • Cover starts from £5.73 – be aware to read the small print on this one.
  • Medical expenses are covered up to the value of £10 million. In my opinion this is very generous, I can’t think of anything that would happen to someone which would cost this much, even over 185 days.
  • Emergency assistance will be available to you 24 hours a day 365 years a day.
  • You’ll have the benefit of £25,000 personal accident cover.
  • If you cancel, you’ll benefit from up to £5,000 per person.
  • There is also something called “financial failure holiday protection” which, in this day and age can come in very useful.

Annual Multi-Trips

All of the above and/or:

  • Multiple trips of up to 45 days each.
  • Cover starts from £23.46
  • Discounts if you’re part of a couple or family (the AA are nice like that).

Other Policies

For those of you that love to get away from it all but like to stay active, the AA hasn’t forgotten about you. There are policies that cover all sorts of winter sports, golfers and even backpackers. One of the best things I love about the AA and, I’ve yet to find another company that will do this. They will cover you on a single or multi-trip for your wedding!

Here’s what you can expect on top of the benefits already mentioned:

  • Up to £250 on your wedding rings. (It doesn’t sound like much but something is better than nothing).
  • Up to £1,000 on your wedding gifts.
  • Up to £1,000 on your wedding clothing.

Oh, and for all of you that are already AA members expect additional discounts on all the policies mentioned.

A Few Final Words

It doesn’t matter what your reason for travelling is, you should always make sure you’re covered for any eventuality. Whilst most of us will not encounter a problem; there is nothing worse than adding to your woes because you don’t have the money on you to pay for medical expenses.

Car Insurance In The UK Review

This article has been written in order to help those of you that are currently looking for car insurance in the UK or already have car insurance in the UK. Unbeknown to a lot of us, you may think that you are insured and are happily driving around safe in the knowledge that should you, God forbid, be in an accident that you will not have to worry about your insurance company paying out. There are actually a few points that I have decided to clarify within this article so that you are aware of what can happen if you do not ensure that your car insurance actually covers what you need.

Understand the Insurance Bands for Car Insurance in the UK

These can be pretty confusing, so in this section, I intend to explain them to you. There are 20 different bands for car insurance in the UK. No: 1 is considered to be those insured are at the lowest risk for any insurance company taking the driver on. No: 20 is considered to be the highest risk for insurance companies. Depending on which band you fall into will depend on how much your insurance will cost you.

Such factors as the size of the engine on your vehicle, what the top speed is and….this will surprise some of you, even the weight and how much the parts cost on your car will also be factors that are taken into consideration when deciding on which band your car will fall into. For further information on which type of band your car will fall into, you need only enter the phrase “which UK car insurance band will my vehicle fall into in the UK” into your chosen search engine. There are plenty of websites that have been set up in order for you to find this out. It is important that you do know which band your vehicle falls into prior to hunting down any type of car insurance in the UK; this will eliminate any nasty surprises when you start to collect quotes from insurance companies.

Types of Car Insurance in the UK that are Available

There are 3 types of car insurance in the UK and these are listed below:

Third Party – This is one of the oldest types of policy that you can choose and these days, not many people decide on this as it really doesn’t cover a lot of insurance needs for modern drivers today. It is very basic and will not cover you for most of the problems that can occur on the roads today.

Third Party Fire and Theft – This type of policy does what the title suggests, you will get the most basic of form of insurance cover, and your vehicle will also be covered for theft and fire.

Fully Comprehensive – This sort of policy is one of the most popular available in the UK market today and although it costs more, you will find that you are covered for pretty much any type of accident that may occur, whether it be a small scratch or an accident that means that your vehicle is a write off.

How to Decide on the Right Insurance Company for You

When looking for car insurance in the UK, it can be a real mine field; insurance is big business these days for all forms of life, cars are no exception. One of the biggest problems the UK has at the moment is the amount of people that have arrived into the country from around the world and do not get their vehicles insured because they do not understand how the system works. Many insurance companies have taken this on board and now offer policies that will protect you from these sorts of drivers. One way you can find the right car insurance company for you, is to go to a price comparison website on the internet. These sorts of companies are relatively new to the UK market; however, they have taken the insurance arena by storm. Whilst people are hugely conscious of ensuring that their vehicles are properly covered, they also want to save money as well.

These types of websites will allow you to enter all of the details of your car and will then give you results of the best insurance companies that can help. Do bear in mind however, that this is in no way a way of making sure that the company you are presented with is reputable and knows what they are doing. There are many car insurance companies that have decided to move away from the whole price comparison website arena and advertise this fact with pride. My advice when you are looking for car insurance in the UK is to do your home work. Make sure that you know which band your vehicle falls into by using the advice given at the beginning of this article. Take some time to really research the right insurance company; this may take you some time however, could save you a lot of money in the future.

Young Drivers and Car Insurance in the UK

This has become an inherent problem for car insurance companies in the UK, especially when it comes to young male drivers. This band of car owners are constantly bombarded with adverts on how they can make their cars go faster, add spoilers, bore out the engines, the list goes on. As a result, car insurance in the UK has become pretty pricey for those of you that are in your late teens or mid to late 20’s. The advice here is that you should do your best to ensure that you do not do anything to your car that is likely to cause the price of your policy to go up. It is easy to have you head turned by those fancy spoilers or engines that growl as they go speeding past however, this does meant that you will be considered a greater risk when taking out car insurance in the UK.

A Little Bit of History about Car Insurance in the UK

Car insurance in the UK was first introduced in the early 1930’s. This came about when the Government realised that the use of cars was becoming increasingly more popular and saw a way of making extra money in order to keeps roads looking their best and to also ensure that they were safe to use. As previously mentioned, this is when the third party insurance policy was introduced. Later in the mid 1980’s The Road Traffic Act was born and this when car insurance in the UK became more complicated and the policies that were available became more comprehensive.

In Conclusion

Do remember that car insurance in the UK is a LEGAL requirement and should you be stopped by the police and they find that you have no insurance you WILL be prosecuted to the letter of the law. Do also remember that car insurance in the UK is there for a reason, to keep you safe! Of course, car insurance will not stop accidents from happening, however, it you do happen to be in an accident that means you need hospital treatment; the last thing you need to be worrying about is how you are going to pay to have your car repaired or replaced.

Once you have found out which band your car falls into, done your research on the best car insurance company for you and actually signed up to a policy you will be given something called a “cover note”. This is one of the most important pieces of paper relating to car insurance in the UK and should be kept to hand within your vehicle at all times. It’s also worth having a copy of it in your home, just in case your car goes missing. When or if you are stopped by police in the UK, you will be asked for your cover note as a matter of normal police practice; the cover note is just as important as your driving licence.

Above all, I hope this article has been of use to you and that you are now feeling a better about how to obtain car insurance in the UK. The aim is for you to enjoy your driving experience when using the roads in the UK and to ensure that you have the right insurance policy for you. It doesn’t have to be hard work and it doesn’t have to cost you and inordinate amount of money…there are plenty of reputable companies out there that have great policies at reasonable prices. Just make sure that you dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s before you sign anything. The last thing you need is to find out at a later date that the car insurance policy you have taken out does not cover everything you need when driving in the UK.

All that’s left to be said is happy and safe driving!

AA European Breakdown Cover Review

If you’re someone who often travels around Europe then lucky you! However, if you do fall into this bracket its unlikely you don’t already have European breakdown cover of some sort, in which case, you’re on the wrong page of our website. Why not check out what we have for home or pet cover instead, there are some equally good deals to be found.

So, for those of you that have breakdown cover for your vehicle in the UK but, you intend to take a trip to Europe for either business or pleasure, below you will find some information on what the AA has to offer you.

You may not know but, this company (which is one of the oldest around) will allow you to take out European breakdown cover as an add-on to the policy you already have. This is incredibly useful if you like to spend your holidays abroad and want to drive rather than fly. Personally, I would drive over flying any day but that’s a story for some other time!

Before we get started on why you should consider using the AA for your European breakdown cover, here is a little statistic for you. In over 80% of cases, this insurance company will settle any costs involved directly with the supplier (chosen by them of course) which means you won’t have to lift a finger in terms of claiming anything back. Not only does this take the hassle out of dealing with people outside of the UK, it also means you won’t have to reach for your wallet so you can get back on the road again.

Benefits of AA European Breakdown Cover

You may think all insurance companies are the same but they’re not! Some of the benefits you will find below are exclusive to the AA and cannot be found anywhere else:

  • An English speaking and translation service that’s available to you 24/7 (no excuses)!
  • You will either be towed to the nearest garage if a mechanic cannot fix the problem on the roadside which, in most cases can be done in the blink of an eye.
  • In more serious cases you will benefit from vehicle recovery back to the UK or to the destination you intended to get to in the first place (whichever is the cheapest).
  • It doesn’t matter how old your vehicle is, it is possible to take European breakdown cover out with the AA.
  • You can receive up to £1,200 towards flights, car hire and public transport if your vehicle has really given up the ghost.
  • If you need emergency accommodation the AA will cover you for up to £500.

Answers to Questions You May Have

Is it possible to buy cover once I’ve already left for my trip?

Yes it is. But, you have to do this before you leave the UK. There are AA outlets at both Folkestone and Dover where you can get cover. Or, you can call a number (found on their website) and the insurance will be arranged for you. Wondering how you get the details? Easy! The AA will text you once everything is in place.

What if I’m already abroad?

Ordinarily you won’t be able to get cover for your trip. However, if you have access to the internet, a landline and are in France the AA has kindly given you a telephone number to call. For any other country that’s covered and you have a mobile number (you will still need to go to their website), they also have numbers you can call. In fact, whilst it may not always be possible to get cover for your trip back to the UK, the AA will do all they can to help you.

What Countries are covered?

There are too many to list here but pretty much all Countries across Europe are covered by the AA. If you’re not sure just follow the link on our website under AA European Breakdown cover and you will find a full list there.

A Little More Information

For many of you reading this, you will, of course make plans with regards to breakdown cover before you go on your trip and doing this online is the best way to save some cash. If you’re already an AA member you can get up to 30% off when you purchase cover in this way. If you’re not a member you haven’t been forgotten, you will be eligible for up to 20% off.

One more thing worth noting is the AA has thought about all those people that love to take a one day “shopping” trip over to Europe. Cover for this starts at £4.73 however, your car must be no older than one year, and there must be fewer than nine of you travelling. If you fall outside of this bracket, it’s still worth giving them a call.

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Aviva Home Insurance Review

OK, so you’ve finally got yourself a cup of tea, sat down in front of your computer and you’ve decided it’s time to get on with the dreaded task of finding some home insurance. Not only have you been putting this off because it’s considered one of those tasks that’s time consuming and boring, but you’re worried about becoming confused over which is the best deal for you.

Help is here! In the form of Aviva Home insurance. This is possibly one of the biggest companies in the UK and for good reason. The advertising campaigns on T.V. can be a little irritating (unless you’re a fan of Paul Whitehouse), but the message is clear. They can give you comprehensive cover that will help with just about any problem, and at competitive rates.

The Basics of the Policies Aviva Offer

Anyone looking for home insurance will have two main things in mind. The building itself and the contents within, with Aviva you can expect the following:

  • No claims discount of up to 40% (if you don’t make a claim for at least 5 years).
  • A saving of up to 20% when you buy online (where would we be without the internet)!
  • Prices from as little as £139 – do be careful; the lowest rate will always only give you the most basic policy.
  • A personal claim manager. This is something that’s really important because making a claim can be a real headache. With Aviva you’ll deal with the same person from start to finish.
  • Should you need a tradesperson (where are those keys)?! Someone will be on their way within 2 hours of you calling them.
  • A UK line for claims that’s open 24/7 yes, that means Christmas Day as well!
  • Replacement locks if yours are lost or stolen.

Oh, and just to blow Aviva’s “trumpet”, they were winners of the Institute of Customer Service Quality Monitoring & Customer Focus award in 2012.

Standard Policy Features

This will include both buildings and contents however; your building will only be covered for fire, theft, or floods. In the case of floods, check with them about the area you live in. Due to the weather conditions we’ve been experiencing, Aviva may have certain conditions in place.

When it comes to your contents, just about everything is covered from your precious jewellery collection to the contents of your freezer but it’s wise to check the value limits. If you have something that’s worth a large amount of money, this may need a specialist clause in your policy.

Optional Extras

Aviva know that it’s not enough to just offer a “one fits all” policy. Everyone is different and so are there needs for home insurance. This is why you can opt for optional extras, listed below are some of them:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Protected no claims
  • Personal belongings in or out of the house
  • Legal services
  • Home Emergency
  • Additional garden cover
  • Pedal cycles (this one sounds a bit old fashioned but it has to be termed that way or people would assume their precious Harley Davidson is insured).

Of course, the list above is just a summary, there is more to what each will give you and the prices vary depending on what you want so, just because I’ve said “accidental damage”, this will have its restrictions.

Why You Should Use Aviva’s Online Service

This one is easy, it will save you money! Not only that, they have some neat little extras on their website that will make getting a quote much easier. All the questions you have can be answered and if you don’t find what you’re looking for Aviva pride themselves on how rapidly they answer the phone.

They even have a handy little contents value calculator which means you can complete a form on the website detailing the items you have. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re going to be there for hours counting out all the vintage silver knives and forks you have! You just simply select the rooms you have, pop in a total value and the calculator does the rest.

You can renew your policy on their website and get this; you don’t have to go through some long winded registration process. Just pop your policy number and last name in, check you’ll get your discount and pay, easy!

You can also change your policy but for obvious reasons this will require a registration process. Aviva are not in the habit of letting their customers go without finding out why but, at least they will give you this option without spending hours on the phone speaking to various customer service reps that don’t have the answers you’re looking for.

In Conclusion

Enough said! Aviva has one of the most comprehensive home insurance packages going, and at the very least, it’s worth getting a quote.

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