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Wedding Insurance Review

Are You Getting Married? Don’t Forget Wedding Insurance!

Getting married is one of the most exciting (and frightening) times of your life. It’s exciting because you’re about to celebrate the love you have for someone you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. It’s frightening because there is so much to organise and pulling it all together can leave you reaching for the headache pills (or that bottle of Vodka, whichever helps most)!

Some people opt for a low key affair while others want to let the whole world know they’re getting married to their true love. It doesn’t matter what type of wedding you want, where it is or what time of year, the stress levels are the same.

Of course, there is the cost to think about as well. In fact, these days the average cost of a wedding is a whopping £20,000 (sorry Father of the Bride)! When you start to look at your to do list, it’s easy to understand how you can easily spend this much. There are flowers, cake, catering, the venue and we can’t forget the dress! The list goes on (sorry again, Father of the Bride)!

If you are in the process of organising your wedding it might all sound like a nightmare instead of a dream however, it can be a lot of fun especially if you know you’re well protected should anything go wrong.

What I’m talking about here is insurance and there are many companies on the market that will insure your wedding, but they offer other services as well. Wedding Plan however is different. They only deal with weddings which mean you can be rest assured they really know what they’re doing.

They have over 20 years of experience in the field of wedding insurance, and the plans they have to offer will suit all budgets. The best thing of all is they have no less than 9 plans to choose from. The cheapest will cost you £18.49 and the most expensive will cost you £199.99 so Dad won’t be too displeased to see that invoice plus, it means he won’t have to worry about losing money if the person videoing your wedding gets drunk and produces something that looks like a dizzy child recorded it!

All sorts of things can go wrong and having some wedding insurance behind you will help to ease the pain, and I think that Wedding Plan has thought about everything. Take a look below at the benefits you can expect to receive:

  • Cancellations are covered.
  • If you have to re-arrange something due to an illness or other “mishap” Wedding Plan will cover you.
  • Wedding clothing is covered (especially the dress).
  • God Forbid that something should happen to your cake, gifts or flowers, so they’re all covered.
  • Cars and other transportation.
  • Photographs and videos.
  • Essential documentation is covered, which is especially useful if you’re getting married abroad.
  • Personal accidents.
  • Of course, the rings are also covered so if your best man loses them, they can be replaced.

The best thing of all is that it doesn’t matter what level of cover you choose, all of the above will be included in your policy. However, you do have to think about how much you’ll receive should anything go wrong. It’s also worth noting you will have to pay an excess but this is a mere £25 on all policies except for Platinum Plus, Premier and Premier Plus which is still pretty cheap at £50.

On A More Serious Note

We can all joke about various problems that can occur when a wedding is being arranged, or even when it’s in full swing. After all, you’re letting a whole bunch of people loose on free food and drink! But, and this is especially important if you’re going abroad, Wedding Plan has thought about the more serious issues that can happen.

If you want, you can have optional extras that will cover you for the following:

  • If you’re having a Marquee, Wedding Plan will give you up to £20,000 if something should go wrong and all your guests end up on the floor fighting with the roof!
  • Public Liability is also available although it is included on some of the more expensive plans.
  • Unusually (and I’ve not seen another company offer this), if you have ceremonial swords at your wedding they will cover these for up to £20,000
  • Now, this one is very serious but it has to be thought about. If a death occurs, someone loses a limb or the sight in one or both eyes you can opt to have the expenses covered as part of your policy.


If you’re in the early stages of planning a wedding, I feel your pain (and your excitement). Even if you’re part way through your wedding plans, and have realised the thought of something going wrong is just all too much for you, it’s still not too late to organise an insurance policy.

As you can see from the information above, this company has just about thought of everything, if not EVERYTHING. Even if you have a slightly different requirement and don’t see what you need here, don’t be afraid to ask them. After all, it’s your big day and the people behind Wedding Plan insurance realise this.

In fact, they often conduct surveys with people who have AND haven’t used them so they’re constantly abreast of current trends and needs. After all, they haven’t been in business and successfully for 20 years for nothing!

So, there you have it, wedding insurance from Wedding Plan. The main thing is that you make sure you’re properly covered so you can get on with enjoying your big day, and I think this company really has it “covered”. You only have to read some of the many case studies on their website to know there are plenty of very happy customers whose weddings went off without a hitch even if something did go wrong!

John Lewis Pet Insurance Review

John Lewis Pet Insurance

If you’re not an animal lover (that is to say cats and dogs), you’re on the wrong page! If you are an animal lover – welcome! You’re just about to find out all about John Lewis pet insurance and how it can make sure your furry friend or friends are well looked after should they become ill or suffer and accident.

It doesn’t matter if you have a one eared “moggy” or a pure bred pet that cost you a small fortune to buy; this company has an insurance policy to help. OK, so you might know John Lewis better for the marvellous department store that it is. However, they’re already proving to be a reliable source for all types of insurance.

OK, less waffle and more information on what a John Lewis pet insurance policy can do to make sure little Tiddles the Persian or Rex the Labrador get the care they need, when they need it!

The first thing I’d like to mention is the fact that John Lewis offer something called long-term cover for pets which isn’t that common. Other companies will either limit you to the amount of time you can claim for a health condition or, how much you can claim.

No! This company has thought long and hard about what pet owners want from their insurance and they’ve done away with these restrictions. So, if your cat gets stung by a bee, or you have a dog that’s developed an illness that needs long-term care they will cover them.

The other option John Lewis pet insurance offers that I have rarely seen anywhere-else is the level of cover you can choose. In fact, they have three separate options: Essential, Plus and Premier. Of course, the higher the level of cover, the more it will cost but this does help if you have a breed of cat or dog that can develop complicated health issues.

So, let’s take a look at each one in turn.

Essential Pet Insurance

Being an animal lover myself, I certainly think pet insurance is “essential” so I think this level of cover has been very aptly named! This is what you get:

  • Vet fees and dental care treatment is paid up to £3,000.
  • For accidental damage (to other people’s property not your pet) is limited to £250.
  • You get complimentary treatment up to £500.
  • You’re provided with what John Lewis pet insurance call their free “vetfone” helpline which is at your disposal 24 hours a day. After all, your four legged friend doesn’t make an appointment to get ill!
  • Stolen or lost pets, death from illness or from an accident is all covered to the tune of £500.
  • If you need special food for treatment, you get up to £250.
  • For dogs only (and it’s kind of obvious why), you get up to £1 million third party liability. If you’re not sure what this means let me tell you. If your dog is involved in an altercation that causes injury or (in the worst case scenario), death to another person you’ll be covered for legal and damage costs.
  • The last one on this policy covers you if (God forbid) your pets goes missing. John Lewis will pay up to £500 for advertising and/or the offer of a reward.

Plus Pet Insurance

This is the middle of the range on the pet insurance policies John Lewis offer, and you get everything mentioned above “plus”:

  • Holiday cancellation up to the value of £3,000.

Of course, the amounts you’re covered for each point above also go up!

Premier Pet Insurance

This policy comes with the highest price tag, so it all depends on how much it’s likely to cost you for things like vet fees, dental care any of the other “essentials” mentioned. For example, both vet fees and dental care shoot up to £12,000 and third party liability for your dog is a whopping £3 million!


You may think the John Lewis pet insurance policy is too good to be true, and whilst they offer many benefits lots of the other companies don’t there are still certain restrictions to think about. For instance, if you have a dog that’s registered under the dangerous dogs act they can’t offer you a policy. This comes into force even if your dog is a mix or cross breed.

If you’ve been shopping around for pet insurance, you might well be aware there can be age restrictions. John Lewis will only cover your cat or dog from the age of eight weeks. Surprisingly, there isn’t an upper age limit however, if your pet is older than nine the death from illness cover isn’t available.

Other Considerations

If your pet has a pre-existing health condition, don’t expect to get cover for it. Even if your pet’s illness is hereditary or congenital John Lewis still won’t cover you. You can still get a policy with them, it just means care for the condition they already have will come out of your own pocket.

If your pet has reached the age where he or she needs to be neutered, this also isn’t covered. In fact, any routine exams or “elective” treatments will have to be paid for by you and this includes dental as well as general health.

Don’t Be Put Off

Some of you may think the last two paragraphs make the John Lewis pet insurance policy a little shall we say, stingy! However, these are standard and you’ll find them with pretty much all other companies on the market.

In fact I think they’ve more than made up for it by offering three different levels of cover as well as long-term insurance. Plus, you’re dealing with a company that’s underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance and you can’t get much more respected than that!

Just as a final thought (and I’m sure this may have crossed your mind), if you have more than one pet and insure them all with John Lewis you will receive a 5% discount. Perhaps that’s enough not to put you off!




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