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First of all, thanks for dropping by, most appreciated! Second, we aim to make this as interesting as possible without bombarding you with too much information. After all, you’re here to find out what Discount Insurance Cover is all about (apart from the obvious).

What we aim to do is bring to your desktop, or whatever it is you’re using to connect to the internet, an informative website that has links to some of the UK’s leading insurance companies, what insurance deals they have, and what offers you can expect to find with them at the moment.

We know insurance is a very big deal, especially these days. There are all sorts of things that can go wrong. For instance, making sure your vehicles are properly insured is something that’s become vital in this modern age. There are plenty of people out there who will do all they can to avoid a website like ours, and that’s because they think it’s OK to drive on our roads without insurance.

For this reason, many companies will protect you from “undesirables” like this and that’s where we come in. It’s not just your vehicle insurance that’s become ever more important. Home insurance is vital as well (it always was, but even more so now). As you may have noticed, the UK appears to be undergoing some changes in terms of the weather we experience and it’s not all good, especially for homeowners. Again, you’ll find some of the best companies around that are not there to tell you “sorry, it was an act of God”, but will actually produce a policy to protect your home even if you have suddenly found yourself in a flood alert zone.

Aside from information on vehicle and home insurance, we also have information on insurance for your furry friends as well. By that we mean your pets…need we say more! Although most people don’t see this as important, if you’re planning a holiday, make sure you check out the travel insurance section. You never know what might happen.

We’ve also added a blog section, and this is where you can not only find out more about the companies we endorse, but we hope the articles will bring a smile to your face as well. Not only that, you can add your comments (keep it clean) about your experiences with certain companies that are mentioned here, and we welcome good or bad. After all, what’s the point in telling someone a company has great customer service when, in fact, they don’t!

If you’ve read this far, thanks it proves our content is something that interests you. Other than that, feel free to take a look around, and see what great deals can currently be found with the type of insurance you’re looking for. Oh, and if you don’t see what you want, let us know.

Happy browsing!


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